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The Inspiration Of The Cap Dart

09 January 2008 - 08:07 PM

Hey fellas, this is my first time contributing anything to the NIC. I give credit for 3D-BBQ for inspiring me on this idea, the cap dart. 3D-BBQ's cap dart was made of a normal stephan, but had a matchstick sticking out of the tip of the dart. The cap he used was a ring cap, which is put on the front of the matchstick. When he fired the round, the tip with the cap on it struck a hard surface and went POW! So I followed in his foot steps, but lost him. So then out of nowhere, inspiration struck me again at random. I opened my drawer filled with cap guns when I saw some paper caps out of the box. I looked at the caps, then I looked at the tip of my asshole darts. That' s when it hit me. Then I asked myself,"Is there a way I can put these together?" Sure enough, the answer was staring back at me right in the face. On top of my drawer was a glob of sticky tac. "This just might work!" And sure enough it did. My cap dart consists of a normal stephan with a tiny ball of stick tac with a paper cap cut out with a hole puncher. When fired, the results were loud and satisfying. I had this idea for a while now, and it's about time I come out of my shell and tell the whole community about it! I'll call it cap darts for now. I was gonna call it pop darts, but it sounded like POP TARTS. lol. Can't wait to use these at my cousin's house, we have nerf wars inside, where it will be used most effectively on the walls. Perfect! If I can pull this all off, He'll be in for one big surprise! I hope this will inspire anyone else in the nerf community who hasn't spoke out about their ideas. Don't be afraid, your time is coming, your time is now. Thank you. :P