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In Topic: Knock Off Star Wars Rebel Troop Blaster Optimization

11 February 2010 - 09:20 PM

Bleachmaniac: Excellent mod! Straightforward and to the point. I saw both the green and red troop blasters at a Dollarama store near my house couple weeks back. I didn't think much of it, hearing it was just another cheap useless dollar store gun in the Product Awareness Thread. What you did though was the exact opposite of what I thought! This is probably the best dollar store gun with the most potential. 65'?! Not bad for $2. I was thinking though that the red one might've been more powerful or had a larger plunger since it can fire arrows, but both seem to be the same size as I recall. I'll have to agree with pearson2 in terms of durability. These type of guns weren't built to last forever, but you can lengthen the lifespan by reinforcement and avoid dry-firing. By the way, are you from Canada? If so, where abouts?

In Topic: Cap Gun To Nerf

11 February 2010 - 08:25 PM

You're Welcome, Flashflint. :D

In Topic: Cap Gun To Nerf

11 February 2010 - 06:37 PM

Flashflint: In the back of each shell, there's a tiny cylinder about .5 cm tall and .3 cm in diameter. Inside the tiny cylinder is what you would normally find in a ring cap gun, where there is a little nub for the cap to rest on with spokes connecting the nub to the shell.
(Click on the link near the bottom)

When the hammer strikes the cap, the "gas" passes through the spokes propelling the dart foward. Also, there's a tight seal where the cap rests, so none of the "gas" will escape. The only drawback about this is that it's hard to remove the cap after firing.

The confetti gun fires six rounds, but the standard ring cap consists of eight caps, meaning you will have to cut the caps individually for each shell. Funny thing is, if you watch the video closely, the guy at the end fires seven rounds. Strange, eh?

PS: While researching more about the six shot confetti gun, I found my original one online. I remember I put a spring underneath where the shell is placed, so when I open the breech, it ejects! I donated it to Value Village awhile ago though.


Edit: I just remembered a way to make ring caps more powerful...and also louder. Take a roll of paper caps and cut them to fit into the ring caps. I've tried it before and it is definately louder, but I haven't tested it to fire nerf darts. Instead I did this for my BB cap gun I converted. I should warn you though, it's a tedious task.

In Topic: Cap Gun To Nerf

11 February 2010 - 03:04 PM

Sorry for the double post.

In Topic: Cap Gun To Nerf

11 February 2010 - 02:52 PM

Instead of making a cap gun fire nerf darts, I've tried using a confetti popper gun such as this. (Except mine was single shot, but fired the same type of shells.)

The green cylinder in the video has six tight shells that has a single ring cap placed at the back. They can fit 1.5" stefans (I used CDTD's) and fire them up to at least 40'.

After I tried this out, I was amazed that it actually worked! When I went to go retrieve the dart, however, I found it burnt at the back. The whole experience was fun nonetheless. :D

I live in Canada and the only place I know that carries that type of confetti popper gun is Gags and Giggles. You might find it in a dollar store though, which is where I found my single shot "popper".

All I'm saying is that confetti poppers are more practical to use than cap guns when it comes to converting them to shoot Nerf darts, from my experience.