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I Need Help

09 December 2008 - 07:19 PM

OK, so I installed Ubuntu on my computer and want to run XAMPP (LAMPP for those who are savy to what I'm saying) but when I try to extract the archive to my desktop it will transfer it there, but when I try to sudo run it through the root, it says its an invalid command and stops the process. So I have tried at least a dozen times to do this, but nothing so far. I need help from the Linux users here to help me get the LAMPP up and running. Any help is appreciated.

I Need Some Help

20 April 2008 - 08:00 PM

I need some major help with a project I'm working on for US history. We have until Tuesday to make a project about the Civil war. Me and my partner decided to make a game using HTML. The game idea is to choose a leader of the Civil war (U.S Grant or Robert E. Lee) and fight through three battles. I have the rules page made-up and I have the leader page made up. The problem I'm having is getting the leader page to link to the battle page. Now this isn't flashed based or like any actual moving things, its a click to choose your option type game. I guess you could call it an interactive interface. So I am asking for help from anybody with experience in HTML to help me out. Its not that complicated a project and I could e-mail you the HTML if you need to see it. And if you need more details I can post them.

I Need Some Serious Opinions

14 March 2008 - 09:57 PM

Well, Me and my friend were sitting in Study Hall today playing Monopoly. And we got on the subject of board games ( I more or less steered it that way). I told him my idea of having a zombie based board game, but had no idea if any one would like it. After talking about it for an hour or so, we decided on what it would be like. Having three (3) factions: Zombies, Survivors, and Military. You would have a city or suburb like setting where you had to reach the exit, extraction zone, or camp to win. You would move according to your dice roll, and have a couple piles of cards. You know cards like when a zombie attacks, you find a survivor etc. Now what I am asking you is to give me HONEST feed back on what you think. This is only a plan, not a solid project, I need to see if a solid market would be out there. I appreciate anything you give me.

Selling # 12 25th Anniversary Mobil 1 Diecast

16 October 2007 - 02:58 PM

The car is 1:64 scale. Mint in box. I've had this since I was 8 and have been letting it gather dust on my bookshelf. Colors are not faded and just as bright as when I got it. The serial number on the blister holder is P-TR008-B-6403. If your a Nascar fan then this is for you.
Posted Image
Posted Image
I am not going to put a price on it, but let you bid it out instead. If I put this in the wrong place I apologize but I thought this wouldn't really fit in the trading forum.

I'm Having Some Problems

14 October 2007 - 07:24 PM

OK, I made a forum under the same provider as our site here IPB. But is one of the free sub-domain name website. I have the whole thing set-up, but the boards won't show up. All it is, is well nothing, but birthday, active users, and that sorta' thing. So can any one help me? I'm trying to make this a decent site but this is hindering me greatly. Here's the url if you want to check it out http://asunited.forumer.com

I figured it out thanks to some one from the support forums.