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10 April 2010 - 06:07 PM

I tried the best I could to rewrite the essay to the best of my ability t0 not sound one sided on the subject. Hence why I left some things out. Its hard to truly write an essay comparing and contrasting two games, one of with the OP never played in the first place.

Yes I left things out, yes I added more to on subject than the other. Truth is I've played more Airsoft than NERF so I know more about it. What I wrote could only be considered a base line for the essay.

And who ever said 748 words. Wow. Way to nit pick. 4784 Characters in total in the entire post.

If the OP wants to use my essay as a base guide and add to it, he can. If he wants to use the one he has, he can.

Now I remember why I don't come here any more.

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10 April 2010 - 11:52 AM

Your welcome.

That's never a good sign on something that's for an English class.

Not to be added :blink: . After I wrote that last night, I was dead tired and a little confused why some one would want a community of strangers to proof read, and grammatically correct his essay. Plus of all the essays I wrote during my most active days here, I never asked you guys to proof read or correct my essays.

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10 April 2010 - 02:26 AM

Nerf is a game played with foam dart shooting blasters, where as Airsoft is played with plastic BB shooting guns. In both game types, shooting is involved, but Nerf is a glorified game of tag where as Airsoft is better described as military simulation.

NERF is a hobby game played with plastic blasters, where Airsoft is a 'simulation' game played with replica military equipment. In both games the object is to 'tag' out the opposing players while trying to stay alive on your team. There are many differences to the games, and each have their own list of pros and cons. In this article I will be discussing the pros and cons of each hobby.

NERF blasters are generally available at any major retail giant, whilst Airsoft is sold in Sporting Good stores (i.e Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, Gander Mountain etc.) or specialty stores located in the US, China, or Japan. The cost difference in NERF compared to Airsoft is quite noticeable with the cheapest blaster (the Nite Finder) costing around eight dollars, and the most expensive (The Vulcan Chain blaster a hefty fifty dollars). Airsoft is generally more expensive but have a wide range of qualities. The cheapest (price and quality) is around five dollars or ten dollars respectively. The higher quality an item is, the more it costs. Two extreme examples are Classic Army (Produced in China) and WELL (also produced in China). Classic Army replica weapons cost any where from $200 to $600, because of their high quality standard. WELL is on the cheapest side of Airsoft ranging from ten dollars to thirty dollars.

There is also an age factor in both NERF and Airsoft. NERF has no age limit. You can be as young or old as you can handle the game. Blasters are readily available and you don't need to be a specific age to buy a blaster. Airsoft does have an age requirement, and is that you have to be Eighteen years or older to buy a replica gun. The reason being Airsoft guns have higher velocities and range compared to a NERF blaster. With out eye protection in Airsoft you can loose an eye, or tooth because of the velocities from the gun. A NERF blaster has a lesser chance of putting out an eye, but there still always a chance given the type of hobby these games are.

With NERF blasters you fire foam 'darts' propelled by slightly compressed air. Factory darts cost around thirty-six cents each. But there is a home made option for NERF. a dart called a 'stefan' created by a NERFer, Stephan Moor. The darts are made from a material called Foam Backing Rod (its real purpose is to seal gaps in windows). They are roughly the same material density as factory made darts, but are mad eat home for a fraction of the cost. The foam backer rod is cut to a desired length, heat straight and then tipped with a weight and hot glue. The darts are just as safe as factory darts, but increase range compared to factory darts. Airsoft guns fire a six millimeter plastic ball at high velocites (ranging any where from 200 feet per second to 600 feet per second). The balls used in Airsoft are made in different weights to increase range or achieve a desired velocity (ranges are in the ball park of eighty feet to 300 feet). The production cost of ammunition for Airsoft is a fraction of a penny, but you cannot create your own ammo. With NERF how ever you can pick up your darts you just fired and keep playing.

The game play for NERF varies greatly from Airsoft. With NERF you have a set number of lives (usually three). After those three lives are expended you must count to fifteen and announce you are reentering the game. In Airsoft you have only one life and once its used you must wait for a medical officer on your team to heal you, or you must walk back to your team designated spawn point and wait a set amount of time (usually ten minutes but it depends on the event you are attending). There are also major clothing discrepancies in both hobbies. With NERF, its a casual game where you can wear just about anything and still be comfortable while playing. In Airsoft players usually wear Military surplus uniforms in their teams designated color (most common are greean and tan [substitute brown on occasoins] but blue and black are used).

The differences are many in the hobby types with one crowd favoring one game type over another. I prefer NERF because its more relaxed and inexpensive compared to Airsoft where there are strict rules to adhere by.

Check that over. If you like it good, if not then tough shit. I just basically wrote your essay over in about 5000 words. It should get you an A. Your welcome.

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05 August 2009 - 08:57 PM

Spartan: The dashboard we are getting August 11th is an update to allow for Netflix parties with up to 8 people. You are also getting new clothes for your avatar (some you have to buy, others from games you play) and the ability to sort your friends list by Pending, Activites, Online, Offline etc.

Other than that the dashboard is not going to be that different looks wise.

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27 July 2009 - 10:37 PM

Talio, if you are on CoD4 tonight send me an invite...I may not be able to connect though as my internet is gay.

Gt: the vv0lf3