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Nerf Claymore-like Mine

02 September 2010 - 03:23 PM

Because I'm aware of the largely negative opinion of projects of this nature, I'd like to make a few points before presenting my project, that I'd very much like you all to read before commenting:

- I got this idea from a previous "nerf mine" thread. In fact, just about all of the parts came from suggestions in that thread from members of this forum.
- This mine kinda sucks. It only gets about a 6-7 foot "blast radius". It's very directional (forward), and doesn't give the darts a lot of altitude. Hopefully I can refine the design.
- This is a protoype. It is not final, and I expect to make a fair number of changes to the "final" product.
- This probably won't be useful in Nerf wars. I am not a "nerfer" in the way that most of you are. I primarily play HvZ on a college campus, where I expect it to be more useful due to the range constraints zombies have when attacking.
- I want your suggestions. Like I said, it's not the final product, I'd like some help making it more powerful/better.

Anyway, the design is pretty simple. Unfortunately, I didn't take any progress pictures, but I do have pictures of the final device, and a video of operation. Materials used were:

- 1 plastic pencil box
- 3 mousetraps (final version will probably use 4)
- 6 pencils (4 for stakes that were later removed)
- 1 bandanna/piece of cloth
- Glue (I used "Liquid Nails")
- Staples. Lots of them.

So, here are some pictures, since they're worth a million words:

As you can see, it looks basically like a regular pencil case. There used to be four pencils attached for "stakes", but I removed them from the prototype because the orientation was wrong.
Posted Image

Here it is open. There are three mousetraps that fling the lid open, stretching out the fabric between the two halves. There is a pencil on each side of the case attached to the fabric, to spread the tension evenly across the surface.
Posted Image

Here you can see the three mousetraps that power it. The final version will not have them inclined, which should provide more power, and like I said before, it should also include one more mousetrap. The pencil case is plenty durable to withstand the mousetraps, in case you were wondering.
Posted Image

To load the device, darts are placed on the fabric...
Posted Image

..and then the box is closed with the darts in the "pocket" created.
Posted Image

Unhook the lid, and the darts fly, as this short video demonstrates. I have some ideas for a pin that can be pulled via fishing line, but I just haven't implemented it yet.
Posted Image

Final thoughts:
- I used to have it on it's side, so the lid opened forward kind of like an actual claymore, but then I realized it worked better with the lid up.
- I'm only using streamlines right now because I don't have any stefans (yet).
- I have a potential name for it: Spring Actuated Dart Incendiary Simulation Technology, or S.A.D.I.S.T. I just wanted it to spell something, really.
- All the parts are very cheap. For me, I think total cost per unit is about $3.50 USD. $1 per pencil case, $2 for 4 mousetraps, $1 for a bandanna (that can supply fabric for at least 4 mines), and $1 for 24 pencils. Of course the price goes down the more you make, and the glue and staples are extra cost as well. Oh, and fishing line.

So, there it is. Let the comments begin! *takes cover*

I Bet Some Nerfers Could Do This Better

01 September 2010 - 04:15 PM

Blah blah blah, taser grenade, blah blah blah

Matching Red Spray Paint To The Red Recon (question)

22 August 2010 - 11:32 PM

I know, this almost seems like it shouldn't be on the modification board, but I'll go ahead anyway and ask: does anyone know of a particular spray paint that would most accurately match the Red Recon? I'm not doing anything elaborate, I just wanted to make my arsenal match. I guess at the very least it'll make the tacticool junk look better if I put it on?

So far, I've bought a can of Krylon cherry red, which comes pretty close, but is slightly too dark, and I don't think it's made for plastic either, so that might help.