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In Topic: Nerf Claymore-like Mine

04 September 2010 - 08:35 PM

So I was thinking of a safe, but effective way to trip to mine.

If you used magnets; One on the inside of the claymore and one attached to the end of your trip wire.

Reason being, magnets can be pulled apart easily enough to not cause people to actually trip over the wire. And they can be pulled apart in any direction.

The inside magnet could trip the mouse traps when the outer one trips causing them both to fall.

Just a suggestion though

Not a half bad idea, though there's no really easy way to make a magnet trigger the device.

In Topic: Nerf Claymore-like Mine

02 September 2010 - 10:40 PM

I was wondering... lets say someone shot the pencil case, could the case withstand it without cracking or breaking?

....shot it? What, with darts? I can test it if you want...but unless you shoot it with an actual firearm, I doubt it'll break. I used a staple gun during construction, and the box took that well enough.

I just tested for you. I shot it with a powerstocked Recon (don't have anything more powerful). No scratches or anything. I'm sure if you step on it it'll break, but a dart? No way.

I did shoot it with an airsoft pistol too. It punched a small hole in the box at point-blank, but the mine still functions perfectly.

In Topic: Nerf Claymore-like Mine

02 September 2010 - 09:10 PM

Thanks for all the encouraging words so far. Anyway, to answer some questions:

@deadshooter711: It helps to remember that this originally had pencil stakes, to stick in the ground (for outdoor use). A circle of duct tape would probably work for indoor use. It was also originally oriented with the "front" of the pencil box pointed up. I was going to sand off the lid catch, drill a hole in both halves, stick in a copper wire (leftover from a mousetrap), and then attach fishing wire to it. The wire would then have been pulled by the person who planted it, once an enemy got in range. I still plan on making this work, I just have to change the orientation, since it doesn't work as well facing the direction I'd hoped.

The alternative, as Durka Durka mentioned, would be a trip wire, which I'm a little hesitant to suggest, for safety concerns. Same thing, a copper pin, gets pulled out when someone steps on/knocks against the trip wire.

@Ninja: Feel free to do some builds of your own, but like I said, it's definitely not done, and the improvements I plan (adding a mousetrap, and raising them so there's more force on the springs) should add some more power/range. I'd love to see some pictures of any builds you do though, and any ideas for improvement you have would be great too.

When I do my next prototype, I'll take some pictures of the build in progress, to show how it's done. Word of advice: have someone help you. It makes assembly a lot easier to have an extra pair of hands.

In Topic: Matching Red Spray Paint To The Red Recon (question)

26 August 2010 - 12:29 AM

So, I've done the Longshot now, and improved my method. Though I did still screw up with the bipod.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
I do have to say, I think this is the color the Longshot should always have been made in, instead of just a short special run for Wal Mart.

Next up is my new Alpha Trooper.

In Topic: Matching Red Spray Paint To The Red Recon (question)

23 August 2010 - 11:42 PM

Just paint in your garage or something. Either way, with the way you tape, paint the damn recon. Do the other guns first, but still, the paint looks pretty good for a first time, and once you give it a few more goes, it should look fine. The red on the recon looks really dull and boring compared to the red on the Mav. Its more... red. So go for it. It'll look great, and all that.

What's this garage thing you speak of? It sounds expensive, or high class. Certainly nothing a poor college student like myself would have.

Thanks though, I think it turned out pretty well too. I'm going to paint everything else first, and then see if the Recon sticks out like a sore thumb, or see if I can get away with not painting it. Though I'm pretty sure it'll be the former, not the latter.