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Apoc #7 Reaction Thread

02 August 2008 - 08:20 PM

Post up your thoughts. If there is something you want to see for next year mention it.

I'll post my thoughts later.

International Nerf War

04 July 2008 - 02:10 PM

As my colleague Groove put it two months ago, it's time to get outside and Nerf. Summer is THE time to get out there and enjoy the hobby; it's when many of us separate out the pretenders.

There is one war in particular that I would like to highlight for you all. As lame as it sounds, I'd like to drum up some publicity for the war I've been co-organizing for the last 7 years, Apocalypse. It is THE summer war on the East Coast. As of now, we have 5-6 Canadians, lead by Forsaken Angel, joining us. Forget a cross-country Nerf War, we have an International Nerf War on our hands. Last year's war had over 45 participants and had as many as three battles going on simultaneously. Not to mention the 20+ vs 20+ battles. It's one of two wars this community has where you will experience such a volume and a variety of players on one field. The location, Deal, has terrain ranging from wide open fields to wooded trails. You can expect rounds that vary from the team death match norm, and are intended to shake things up a bit.

If you can't make it to this, well no matter. Grab some guns, make some friends, and have Nerf wars in your backyard. Most of the people you see organizing wars that bring Nerfers from all over got their start in a backyard, basement, or park with their friends. Establishing a core group of Nerfers in your area is the best way to keep active in the hobby.

I'll also make another plug for the Summer Nerf War Schedule. It has wars from around the country listed (ie. Armageddon & SENO).

Nj Apocalypse #7

08 May 2008 - 04:11 PM

Location: Deal Park, Monmouth County New Jersey (directions below).

Date: Saturday, August 2, 2008.

Time: Arrive at 9:30 AM. War starts at 10:00 AM.

Hosts: Kuhlschrank & Shindig


  • Arrive at 9:30 AM
  • Lunch - Pack Light, you will be eating on the field.
  • Liquids - At least one gallon of water or Gatorade. We're talking about New Jersey in August. The humidity will be so high, you'll feel like you're running through a swimming pool.
  • Hat - Keeps your head out of sun.
  • Sunscreen - Spray sunscreen is encouraged.
  • Nerf Blasters and Darts - A least one primary and one SPRING pistol, a sufficient amount of darts also.
  • Eye Protection (if under 18) - Eye protection is cheap and worth it, CVS and Home Depot offer glasses/goggles.
  • Extra T-Shirts - See Liquids.
  • Expect to carry all items - We will be utilizing all available fields. Last year we did hike everything over to a gathering area before the day began. It's about 1/4 - 1/2 mile walk from the parking lot.
  • Clean up ALL garbage and items you bring on the field - Flagging tape, lunch items, water bottles, etc., all of these must be thrown out properly. If you leave trash behind, do not expect to be invited next year.
  • Follow Instructions from the Field Supervisors - Select individuals will be Field Supervisors at Apoc 08. Each player is responsible for listening to and following the instructions of these advisors; we cannot gaurantee that the day will progress smoothly otherwise.


All blasters are subject to range and power testing by the hosts. If any blaster is deemed unsafe to those on its receiving end, it will not be allowed. If you own/use an extremely powerful modded or homemade blaster, bring something else as a back up. We've had few problems with this in the past, so use your best judgment; chances are your brass barreled 5k, titan, or spud gun is going to get the boot.



1. 30 vs 30 (The Grove)
2. Option
  • Primaries (The Grove)
  • Primaries (Resurrection Forrest)
  • Multi-Team Battle (Undiscovered Country)
3. Option
  • Gunslinger Heaven (The Grove)
  • Pistols (Undiscovered Country)
  • Primaries (The Last Frontier)
4. Option
  • Primaries (The Grove)
  • Multi-Team Battle (Resurrection Forrest)
  • Pistols (The Last Frontier)
5. Gunslinger Heaven (The Grove)
6. Lunch
7. Great American Gore Fest (The Grove)
8. Multi-Team Battle: Clans (The Grove)
9. Option
  • Primaries (Resurrection Forrest)
  • Primaries (The Grove)
  • Primaries (Undiscovered Country)
10. Option
  • Multi-Team (The Grove)
  • Gunslinger Heaven (Undiscovered Country)
  • Pistols (The Last Frontier)
11. 30 vs 30 (The Grove)

Great American Gore Fest: Spring Pistols, Every Man For Themself, Sudden Death

Gunslinger Heaven: Before this war each nerfer will choose a partner and we will most likely break into two even battles, each with 2 man teams. You may only use a single springer single-shot pistol in this war. Each player begins with 2 hit points. When a player is hit for the first time he will take a flag out of his pocket and wear it somewhere visible on his person. This nerfer is now in Purgatory, and another hit sends him to hell (ie game over). However, if a nerfer in purgatory succeeds in sending another player to hell that player may remove the flag from his person (leave purgatory) and regain one hitpoint. Game ends when one team is left.

Field Supervisors:
One Man Clan



Take the Garden State Parkway to Exit #105 - Eatontown / Rt 36 East
Follow signs for Rt 36 East - Long Branch.
Make an immediate Right at the 1st Traffic Light onto Hope Rd.
Take Hope Rd. for less than 1/2 mile, merge Right onto the ramp for Rt. 18 South
Take Rt. 18 South for approximately 2 miles to Exit #12A - W Park Ave / OAKHURST
Merge on to W. Park Ave heading East, continue for approximately 2 miles
At the 4th Traffic Light turn Right onto Whalepond Rd.
Take Whalepond Rd. for 1 mile and turn Right into the 3rd entrance for the park
There should be a parking lot immediately on your right.
If you come to a traffic light you've gone too far, turn around and then make a left into the first entrance you see.


74 1'25.08"W


271 Whalepond Rd.
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
(if you don't specify the town it will take you to the wrong 271 Whalepond)


Here is also a link to a most excellently horrible MS-Paint image of the park.

The area designated "Trail Parking" is the preferred parking lot.
The area between "Leaf Compost Site" and "Bddy Soccer Field" offers additional parking along the fence.
The area designated "Overflow Parking" is probably a mile away from the actual Nerfing area. Arrive early.



Definite: 41
Guest (1) - Skitzo
Guest (1) - Silencer
Guests (4) - Forsaken_angel24
Captain Slug
One Man Clan
Dark Shrimp
Guests (3) - NerfOnFier
Evil Reaper
Team Slayer
Guest (5) - Fenixharth
zach attack

Maybe: 17
Guest (1) - Badger
Guest (1) - shadowkid33
Misc LCM (2)
Guests (3) - Texansharpshooter
Guests (2) - Evil Reaper


OTHER NOTES: This will be used to answer other questions as needed.

The rounds will be varied. In order to give a large and small war appeal, we will be having multiple battles going on simultaneously during some points of the day.

This is going to be a huge war yet again. We're going to need your cooperation to make sure things run smoothly. Follow directions and we'll keep the day moving at a good pace. If you act like a moron, don't expect to have an open invite next year. If you piss us off, there are enough admins in attendance that one of us is bound to suspend you. You can find your responsibilities as an attendee in the first post. Don't act like a moron and this should be a really fun day.

Northern Illinois

14 February 2008 - 09:22 PM

For those of you who haven't heard, there was a shooting at Northern Illinois University earlier today. If you are the religious type, I ask that you pray for their campus. If there is any way that you can reach out to their community, please do it. I can tell you from experience that it certainly helps.

Reckoning V

04 December 2006 - 08:24 AM

Basic info for the war can be found below. If you have any questions, just post it. There are enough competent people around that it will be answered in short order.

Date: Saturday, January 6th

Place: Mill Creek

Time: 10 AM