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Rsno #2

02 January 2011 - 01:42 PM

This posted originally on Nerf Revolution. I am re-posting this because Carakki does not have an account here. Here is the original war thread:

Florida Nerfers, it has been too long. Not since August have we gathered together to fling foam at each other, and that is simply unacceptable. The last two wars failed before they began. Not again.



RSNO #2!

Date: January 15, 2011

Time: We'll get things started around 10 AM - this means you should arrive BEFORE then. We'll stop when everyone leaves or it's dark, which will probably be between 4 and 6 PM.

Location: 22nd Street Park. At RSNO #1, there was some confusion about where exactly one was to go. The address you want to hit is Park Drive & East Patterson Street, Tampa, FL. If you come in from Patterson, make a right and park at the end of Park (teehee). Here's a picture of the field and the surrounding streets:

This field is excellent, with different areas for larger or smaller groups. It features a trench/ditch/thing, a gigantic field, and a heavily forested area (main arena). Oh, and the river (can't have a Riverside war without it).

Clothing: Even Florida gets cold in January. Dress warmly - better safe than sorry, and you can always take it off later. If you must wear camouflage, please restrict it to one article of clothing.

-A primary.
-A backup primary/secondary.
-A pistol. A pistol is defined as a spring-powered one-handed gun that must be reloaded and primed between shots. Spring-powered one-handed guns sporting a reverse plunger may be used regardless of the number of shots fired between reloading.
Don't bring:
-Guns that shoot over 200 feet (for safety reasons).
-Homemade airguns.
-Anything liable to explode, cut, or otherwise injure other Nerfers.

Darts: Bring lots of 'em. Last time we got lucky and the park officials (or whoever takes care of it) cut the grass a few days before the war, but when we originally tested the location, we lost 80% of the darts we brought in the knee-high grass. Either way, marking your darts is highly recommended. I will be selling darts at the war.

Food: This is a bring-your-own-lunch occasion, but if enough people show interest, we might be able to pool our resources and order pizza. Make sure you bring enough liquid to sustain yourself throughout the day. I will be selling bottles of water at the war.

Melee Weapons: They must be completely covered in foam thick enough to ward off serious blunt trauma - we had enough injuries at RSNO #1. A good way to know if the weapon has enough padding is to let someone hit you with it. Nothing you bring should be longer than 4 feet - think swords and axes, not spears. Homemade shields are not permitted.

-Eye protection is mandatory for all players under the age of 18. If you are over 18, it's your prerogative, but it's also your face.
-No 'tack' or 'death' darts.
-No exposed weights on darts.
-No slingshot-weighted darts. Slugs are preferred but not mandatory.

Money: As stated above, I will be selling darts and water at the war, and we may collectively order pizza. Please also bring spare parts/blasters to sell, buy, and trade - this will be a kind of 'swap meet' (as all Nerfer gatherings should be, I think) in addition to a war.

-I would recommend bringing chairs and tables; there is no existing place to set up. Riverside will be bringing a table and a few chairs, but that's not enough for everyone.
-I don't care if you're 6, 16, or 26 - if your maturity interferes with the enjoyment of any other attendee in any way, shape, or form, you will be warned, then asked to leave.
-Hopper clips are limited to 6 darts (however long that may be for you). This includes any darts already in the barrel. I don't care (yet) how long RSCBs are.

Gametypes: We'll be doing all of the classics, as well as some uncommon/new ones. A quick list:
-Team Deathmatch
-Freeze Deathmatch
-Defend/Attack the Core

Let me know if I missed anything. A running list of attendees will be kept here. I expect EVERY Florida Nerfer to show, and it would be pretty cool if some other Southeaster Nerfers came down too. Sound off!

Definites: (6)

Maybes: (5)
-Guest a la Ducky

Pvc Breech Write-up

10 August 2010 - 01:07 PM

This write-up is for my other breech, which can also be used with higher-powered guns. I personally like this breech better.
-Super glue
-1/2 X 5/8 butyrate
-Pipe cutters/hacksaw

First, cut your PVC to about 7 1/4 inches long:
Posted Image

Then, cut the breech slot starting from 1 1/4 inches of the end, cutting it about 4 1/2 inches long:
Posted Image

Cut a piece of your butyrate to about 9 1/2 inches:
Posted Image

Attach a piece of PVC that is 2 3/4 inches long to your butyrate: (may need to sand down your butyrate to slide smoothly)
Posted Image

Insert your barrel, and super glue on your nub, I used a piece of the cut out breech slot for this step:
Posted Image

And for your last step, add a small piece of CPVC to the back of your breech: (mine was about 1/2 inch long)
Posted Image

And you should be done! I hope this breech doesn't have nearly as much confusion as the other one. Final Product:
Posted Image

No, I have no other dimensions for a smaller breech.

Questions? Comments? Flames?

Clear Breeches!

08 August 2010 - 09:24 PM

This is a write-up for one of my breeches made of clear butyrate. This size breech can be used for guns like a PAS or BBBB.

-5/8 X 3/4 inch butyrate

Hacksaw/pipe cutters

First, cut a piece of the butyrate 8 3/4 inch long:
Posted Image
Then, cut a breech slot starting 1 1/2 inches from one end, and make it 4 1/2 inches long:
Posted Image
Cut your CPVC to about 8 inches long:
Posted Image
Then sand down your piece of CPVC and hammer on a 1 1/4 inch piece of PVC. (dremel if needed)
Posted Image
Insert your barrel (CPVC) into the breech, and glue on a nub of your choice, and your done! If you sanded it right, it should slide and still make a perfect seal. Final product:
Posted Image

To Answer any questions:
Yeah, my camera sucks. No, I did not attach the nub yet in the last picture. And Yes, you can make this breech in different sizes. Here are the dimensions for one that could be used with a pistol:
Butyrate: 6 3/4 inches
Breech slot: 4 1/4 inches
Barrel:6 1/2 inches
Handle(PVC): 1 inch

Questions? Comments? Flames?

Unbo, Ultimate Nerf Battle Outing

24 February 2010 - 08:00 PM

I was planning on posting this right after CFNO, but could not wait. If you have any questions, ask here or PM me.
co-host: semperfi
Details:(copyed from Rogue)

The Loction: http://www.ocoee.org...FreedomPark.htm
The Date: July 24th, 2010
The Time: 10:00 am

Ok--Florida is doing it again, the field is prime--open fields, portables, and a small wooded section.

We will play various game types(depending on number of members present), and there will even be a drawing for a NIB primary. If you live in FL, anywhere in the southeast, or are just a Northern nerfer who wants to play down here.



Eye protection is a must, unless you are over eighteen years of age.


Don't be a douchebag. If the strength of the weapon is considered to be excessive we reserve the right to "spot ban" it.

No singled ,plugged Titans. Titans are allowed if they have more than 3 barrels(shotgunned)

No tack darts (A.K.A-deathdarts)

No Slingshot weighted stefans

No guns that shoot over 200 feet.

No darts heavier than a nerf ball. Stefans must have a rubber, glue, cloth, or foam cover.

All darts and guns will be inspected thoroughly, no jutting out spikes on guns---use your head guys, and remember that these are toys--lets keep it that way!

The only shields that will be permitted are Manta Rays and Crossfire Shields

Barrel Tapping is allowed however, your gun MUST be locked and loaded to tap--A tap from 5 feet away is nicer than being shot, wink...wink.

Do NOT bring anything painted all black. We REALLY don't want the cops called for someones stupidity!

Things To Bring


A primary

A secondary

A friend


Water or Gatoraide

A packed lunch (we'll have a short ass lunch break)

Your "A" game!!

Your best list of excuses why you got tore up!

I and other people will bring stuff to sell--a sort of "Nerf swap meet", so bring money. Though, it is not required.

People coming: