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In Topic: Online Fps's And Tps's

04 December 2006 - 09:41 PM

Battlefield 2142 nick: NinjaStrike
Add me! I'm probably getting COD2 for christmas by the way.

In Topic: New Pneumatic Gun

12 August 2006 - 04:04 PM

ok the gun is done. everything is glued but i cant get the piston working :@ does anyone knowss why?
this sucks.

We need a bit more detail before we could help you out. Is the piston responding at all when you open the blowgun? How much pressure are you running it at?

In Topic: Your Choice Of Weapons

28 February 2006 - 08:07 PM

I'd take the BA3B (Bolt action 3b, yes I know the acronym is terrible) with a front-grip 2k. The BA3B is about 50% done as of now. Expect a write-up on the entire process late march.

In Topic: Vidio Games

24 February 2006 - 09:40 PM

I fricking despise EA.

In Topic: Mmm...artillery

18 February 2006 - 07:38 PM

A supah is a piston diaphragm.
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