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In Topic: X-stream Maxshot

25 September 2003 - 08:40 PM

I find it funny that nobody has bothered to answer this guy's question. TRU stands for Toys R Us.

In Topic: Is Cpvc Really Good For Anything?

23 September 2003 - 05:05 PM

Are you sure you are using the right diameter backer rod for the barrel?

Barrel Type------------->Foam Backer Rod Diameter

1/2" Sched 40 PVC----->5/8" Foam Backer Rod

1/2" CPVC--------------->1/2" Foam Backer Rod

9/16" or 17/32" Brass-->1/2" Foam Backer Rod

PETG Tubing------------->1/2" Foam Backer Rod

In Topic: Big Bad Boner

20 September 2003 - 08:47 PM

What kind of spring did you replace the stock one with? I suggest that you replace the spring with one from Home Depot, and make sure you stretch it out so it is as long as the stock spring. It worked wonders for me. :D

In Topic: How To Straighten Stefans

13 September 2003 - 10:55 AM

You don't put them in the washer. You put them in the dryer. I used that method when I was selling mass quantities of Stefans.

In Topic: My Flash Game

06 September 2003 - 10:10 PM

That's really cool! Nice job!