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Question About Cxwq

01 December 2009 - 05:45 PM

I was recently was looking at old topics, and saw a cxwq post, and saw he was number 1 member realizing he is the founder. So I decided to do some research and saw that the last time he was active was 2008. I searched to see if there was a topic talking about this, and had no good results.

So just out of curiosity, I want to know.

What happened to him? Shouldn't the creator of the site be active?

Please respond.

Nf Coupler Problems

20 October 2009 - 09:00 PM

Ok, so I re-barreled my old NF's Gengar style coupler, into the "No dead-space coupler mod", and noticed a pretty bad difference in ranges.

What I improved other than the coupler mod was that I added an extra spring, weaker than a maverick spring, same diameter as it, and the same length as a NF spring. I replaced the E-Tape with hot-glue because I couldn't find my E-Tape. I did notice that I may have placed the coupler of center, because I didn't see where to start E-taping the coupler and how far back to place it in the plunger tube.

The ranges went down by 10-15 ft.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
The spring I added is the one in the middle.

I'm using 4 inch barrels, which worked in its last version, and are not working very well here.


28 September 2009 - 10:41 AM

Not much of us know HDXbox but we may recognize her creation the "Effeminate Longshot". Right now that's not my concern. Those of us who do watch her videos and/or her live show, may have noticed and asked ourselves these 2 questions.

1. Why/Who/When did they close her YouTube account?
2. Why doesn't she go Live.

Does anybody have the slightest piece of info. of what happened?
If so, please tell, so that us fans and friends of her know.

PS:This was not only MY idea, but some other kid on youtube (I don't know what his name was, I forget easily.) was wondering, and he hasn't been validated.

Cheap-o Homemade Ammo Belt

23 September 2009 - 07:41 PM

I was looking at the homemades section and saw accessories for the guns... then I said "Why isn't there as much actual homemade accessories as there used to be?". Then I saw my painter's tape. It popped an idea in my head. To make a uber-cheap-o ammo belt.

Posted Image
So basically, you need the following:
-Wide tape, (preferably duct-tape)
-1/2 CPVC or 1/2 PVC
-Pipe cutters, hacksaw and miter-box, or anything that can get a nice cut.
-Hot glue and Glue gun
-A brain that doesn't include ignorance
-2 working hands

Posted Image

Posted Image
So take your tape, and cut 2 pieces long enough to fit around your waist, and a little more, depending on how much CPVC/PVC you plan on using.

Posted Image

Posted Image
Now take your CPVC/PVC and cut it maybe a 1/2 inch short of the width of your tape. If you are using CPVC, you might want to use a dremel to make the ID a little bit bigger so you can slide your dart in and out.

Posted Image
With that done, you can take your pieces of pipe and lay them down on the tape (as you can see, my cuts were horrible). Leave maybe 1/4-1/2" between each piece so it's somewhat flexible unlike mine.

Posted Image
Afterwards, take your other piece of tape and apply a little hot-glue and lay your piece of tape on top of the other segment as flush with the edges as possible.

Posted Image
The last step is to fold the tape under the piece of pipe so your darts don't fall out.

Posted Image
And you are done! You can personalize yours and unlike me, you can apply more pipe to hold more darts (just remember to leave space between the section and section so your pants' straps for belts are free.) Also, you might want to add some way to make a "buckle" of some sort.

Note: This is my first write-up, and I might have screwed up in someway, so if I did, please tell me, but don't throw me over for it.

An Idea For Automatic Longshot.

26 July 2009 - 07:29 PM

After time looking at stock long-shots I wanted something that has never been done, an automatic long-shot.

I would try this mod my self but I have no experience at long-shot modification. The concept relies on two possible ways of cocking it, and one way of simply holding down the trigger to shoot.

First, lets go through the Cocking methods, shall we?

1. Using a Motor and a swivel, that are powered by a well-placed momentary switch (connected to a battery of course) behind the trigger's motion area, we activate the motor and swivel, that should provide a well timed speed and force to cock the gun automatically without having multiple darts shoot out like a shotgun.

2. Using the motor/swivel/momentary switch thing, we can make it so that there's one more thing that completes the circuit. That thing being a receiving IR (for the electronics newbies, IR=Infra-red) LED and a emitting IR LED at the sides of the muzzle of the longshot, so that when the dart fires, the dart blocks the LEDs, activates the circuit and cocks the gun (rinse, repeat and enjoy).

Now lets cover the trigger part.

The mod until now isn't considered automatic since you would have to press the trigger again for each shot. So to make it so you don't have to either cock it, or press the trigger multiple times, we have to adapt the firing mechanism to be able to use a thing similar to the Nerf Raider's Slam Shot mode (You press the trigger and just cock the gun to fire). Making it possible to be lazy and just pull the trigger.

And by the way, I know most of these kinds of posts are not well received but I felt the urge for some one to recognize my idea because I'm pretty sure that an experienced modder like CS and Angel could pull it off if my theory is correct.