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Human Vs. Zombie Help

10 May 2009 - 10:49 AM

Hey all,

Long time reader, first time poster.

In my area there is a monthly humans vs. zombies game that has on average 200 people playing. Essentially, a zombie two hand touch makes another zombie and a zombie shot by a dart is dead for 2 minutes. Humans cannot camp, climb trees or use any melee weapons. Stock darts are mandatory. The game is played at night and lights are not allowed.

With a starting group of about 30 zombies, there are generally no humans alive after 50 minutes. For a human to win, they have to get on to a guarded "helipad" after 55 minutes.

Our last playthough, my small team (~10) managed to keep a large group of players (30-40) alive to 45 minutes, then I died. I was leading the group and morale collapsed. Everyone died.

1.) I'm looking for advice on repelling huge groups of zombies (30-60) up close. We rely heavily on large clip guns like tommy's and vulcans. They take a lot of time to reload and a big enough group of zombies generally reaches the group through sheer inertia. This brings about too many casualties.

2.) I'm looking for some options for high distance kills to thin zombies before they can group. We are currently using several modified NF's. The ideal gun would fire far, accurate and be easy to reload. Remember it is dark and no steffans.

We are very close to bringing a big enough group to shoot our way onto a helipad and win. I'd love some advice to push us the rest of the way.