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In Topic: Human Vs. Zombie Help

18 May 2009 - 10:57 AM

Update: We played this last Saturday.

It was a windy and sunny evening and I am happy to report humans successfully achieved survivors for the first time. Three humans survived.

The zombies focused entirely on my group of about 40 people for the entire game, many people from other groups to rush helipads at the end of the game. That only 3 survived the rush speaks to the lack of leadership in the groups that lived to the rush. I was unfortunately dead.

Our group repelled a 40+ zombie horde 8 times in the most exciting run and gun battle I have ever fought. We probably would have survived the entire game had the zombie leader not cheated repeatedly by resurrecting all of the zombies as soon as we were out of gun range. I confronted him after the game and he admitted that he was cheating purely to kill us. sad.

Nonetheless, the zombies lost because they spent too much time on us, instead of killing weaker groups and reaching critical mass.

Our team went through 400+ darts and I lost 3 vulcan belts...what fun!

I used 3-4 man kill teams to break up zombie charges short of the main line of defense. We took our first casuality at combat 3. Simply Awesome.

In Topic: Human Vs. Zombie Help

13 May 2009 - 03:01 PM

I just got my first RFSG today. It's terrible out of the box, but it is a really nice gun for modding. If I can get the distance up, I might prefer it to a LS. the clip is pretty impressive.

Grenades of any kind are out, by rule. A shame for sure. I'd love to rent a helicopter and just drop several boxes of ammo on the zombies.

In Topic: Human Vs. Zombie Help

11 May 2009 - 05:46 PM

Wow. Lively responses; thank you all!

Major point to address that has so far been unaddressed:

Most of the players are unskilled and poorly armed. How do 10-15 of us keep a big group of them alive? The big group is in my estimation a win condition.

In order-

Jedi: I've got a spare BBB and I'll look into that mod. Also, its a big park with no balcony type terrain. It's like a 3/4 mile square field. With that said, I use hills and valleys extensively.

Mr. BW: The human turret is a solid call, it's happened in three games so far when the stuff hit the fan. I agree with your spacing and use it already. When we have a big group, we have roaming small groups walking the perimeter to achieve crossfire.

Shrub: We have dedicated ammo guys who carry 100's of rounds and loaded belts and clips.

K9: ran a forun search and a google search for PAS and couldn't find it.

Captain: Grand Rapids, MI.

Assassin: OMG! I've never seen an RFSG before and I own a lot of dart guns. It's time to get a few.

A few of my own thoughts:

1.) Pump guns don't make much sense to me, when a modified NF is cheap. If I wanted a long steady air supply, I should mod for compressed air. See exception below.

2.) I like the shotgun idea. I'll make a few of those out of the Big Salvo, which is cheap and easy. It's going to be hard to find someone patient enough to wait to use it only when necessary.

3.) Small groups cannot shoot their way onto the helipad, and therefore cannot win unless they can sneak past 100+ people. Each helipad is guarded by half of the available zombies at the end of the game.