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Bbb Trouble

21 January 2007 - 09:23 PM

Okay, after seeing Angel's BBB, I had to it. So I have tried Goop and JB quick for connecting the CPVC to add to the origanal arm. So far, Goop takes to long to dry and comes apart fairly easily, and the JB just falls off. Advice anyone?

Weird Foam

01 January 2007 - 10:26 PM

OK, I have made like 80+ darts with this really durable, firm FBR. But when i put the darts in 17/32 brass, they just slide down. Why is this happening?

Crossbow : Where To Buy

28 December 2006 - 11:03 PM

Okay, I keep hearing how great a XBow is. Problem : Can't find one. If anybody knows where to buy one, please help.

P.S. Don't say eBay, I checked, price was like $60


27 December 2006 - 12:52 AM

Sorry, couldn't put in link. Just copy and paste. https://www.spinmast...a6de7d5a867eb69. Sorry, I'm an idiot, never mind about the link.

Hornet Trouble

10 December 2006 - 08:02 PM

I was doing ompa's hornet mod. I didn't have a dremel and improvised and used a drill. worked fine, until I tried to drill trhough the white disk. I noticed some black plastic came out. When I had one barrel done, I pumped the gun up to test it out. But the drilled barrel just let the air out. I haven't checked the internals yet because I was hoping there was some way to fix it without taking it apart. Any help would be appreciated.