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In Topic: Ss2 Problems

23 April 2008 - 08:56 PM

No, you don't have to saw anything off of the airtank. I bought a leaking SS2, so I sprayed a CRAPLOAD of lube down the pump, left it overnight, and it worked like a charm, I'm sure you could do it through the barrel, but I just don't like putting lube down the barrels. But whatever you prefer.

In Topic: Is Nerf Teaching Us That Guns Are Fun/cool?

02 April 2008 - 07:45 PM

I just have to say, my dad, has tons of guns, under his bed,in his bedside drawer, all around the basement,hell, standing next to his bedroom door, I just grew up around them. And he has all of them with damn good reason too. What are you gonna do at gunpoint with a robber in your house or when you're in the middle of any kind of violent incident? Ask the shooter, "Hey, can I go get my 300 Win Mag"? NO! Guns are needed, what's a criminal gonna say when he hears about more gun restrictions, "Oh no wait, what I'm doing is wrong."? I've been taught about guns, but also about the basic concepts of society. I was looking for one of toys when I was like 4, I saw this rather long case under my dad's bed. I figured, I'm not supposed to get into other peoples' stuff, so I left it alone. I had no idea what it was, and I didn't really care. I later learned about guns and realized what could of happened. But since the simple concepts of privacy and ownership were into my head, that was avoided. There's pretty much no one else to blame except the parents if that does happen. If you're a parent and haven't taught your kids that yet, THEN TEACH YOUR DAMN KIDS!!!!! Ignorance causes violence and overall stupidity. One last somewhat off-topic point: what happens to kids who don't give a damn about their grades in school? You end up ordering a burger from them at Mickie D's 15 years later when you have a well paying job and a life. This huge wall of text is basically sums up to this: Parents' ignorance to teach their kids basic safety is the main reason for violence.

In Topic: Nerf Tech Target

20 March 2007 - 06:42 PM

Marine, we don't usually "point" anyone in any direction here, unless it's out the door with a 9999 special. That's what the search function is for. Do a little homework before asking everyone to throw you a bone. It doesn't work that way here.

PS the Scout is a POS. Get yourself a nitefinder.

Way to go OMC. I modified my scout and it might get 5 more feet than when stock, and it's a lot louder without the benefit of range. Get a nitefinder indeed. Way more power, and if you can integrate it into a Mav, you will have a way better gun than the scout could ever be, even with heavy, I mean ULTRA HEAVY mods. It's not worth it. Also, I think anybody with half a brain could notice the tech target is a different paintjob on the scout.

In Topic: Happy Birthday Shindig

19 March 2007 - 11:42 PM

Hope you enjoyed it!

...and had someone else drive home. :D

Agreed. Anyways, weird that I never noticed that you have the same B-day as me. Too bad I'm only 12. Only 6 more years till real celebration starts ;) .

In Topic: Jsrc-150

19 March 2007 - 05:57 PM

As Guiness would say, Brilliant. Anyway, I like how simple the gun is. Three components. This is simpler than the Snap. And that's hard to beat :lol: . No write up is even needed. I'm going to build one of these. I just noticed that you're from Taiwan. Weird, my dad goes there twice a year since he works at Greenlee. Anyway, this is genius. Wait, scratch that, you're a genius.