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A Big What's Up To The Nic

07 December 2006 - 05:41 AM

Hey guys! I'm a big fan of all the work going on here. I've been reading up on mods and homemades for a few months now, both here and at HQ, and think I'm finally ready to be a part of the modding scene.

My cousins and I have occasional backyard battles, but we've been using conventional, off-the-shelf dart guns and stock darts. I feel like it's time for a change, so I've been reading up on Nerf theory basically. I'd love Nerf guns with a bit more kick than my POS Tek Tens.

I've successfully completed a few different projects from here, the most ambitious being a souped-up version of mayhem's Tek Ten shotgun mod (they sucked by themselves... at least now they look cool), and I just finished a clip following ompa's design, with a few variations. I'll post it when I think it's ready to go.

This is my first time posting I think, but it definitely seems like something I'm interested in. I love Nerfing, and now that I'm in college (I go to Cornell, if anyone else here does) I have serious modding resources. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you, and I'll hopefully be able to contribute some ideas as time goes on!