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Lb Pump Relocation

04 November 2009 - 09:14 PM

Lightning Blitz
20” of PETG
Hot glue
2’ of 1/8” vinyl tubing
2 1/8” barbed vinyl tubing connectors
Mighty putty
½” CPVC 90
Rubber Gloves

Reccomended Tools:
Belt Sander
Hot glue gun
Hot water, (sink)

Alright lets get to the mod…

Here is your stock LB.

Posted Image

Now lets take a look at the internals.

Posted Image

This is it’s tank it’s a backpressure tank, (Obviously to some)

Posted Image

The trigger mechanism.

Posted Image

The pump looks like this.

Posted Image

First will start with plugging the pump although you can't really tell from the picture...

Posted Image

Now we’ll rebarrel our gun.

Posted Image
I used about 4” of PETG, and deburred the edge because I cut it on a bandsaw.

Take out the internals.
Make 2 cuts, here
Posted Image
And here
Posted Image

Now you have to take your 2’ of Vinyl tubing
Posted Image
And 1/8” barbed connector
Posted Image

Put those together by heating up one end of the tubing and sticking it in.
I used a kitchen sink.

Then it should look like this.

Posted Image

Next cut your shell here
Posted Image
And here
Posted Image


Power Stocked Eliminator.

01 July 2009 - 10:46 AM

Alright, this is my new eliminator.

Materials/tools needed:

2 1/2" of 17/32 brass.
Different sized drill bits.
Phillips head screwdriver.
Pen spring.
Crossfire spring.
15/16" I.D. 1" O.D. Pipe.
1/2 CPVC coupler.
Hot glue sticks.
Hot glue gun.

First off here is the final product.

Posted Image

Start with the stock gun.

Posted Image

Open it up, and you see the internals.

Posted Image

Here is the trigger assembly, (with pen spring).

Posted Image

Here is the plunger assembly.

Posted Image

Step 1: Take a small drill bit, and drill out the peg through the back of the plunger tube.

Step 2: Take a much larger drill bit and drill out the rest through the bigger hole in the plunger tube.

Step 3: Punch out the rest, (if there is any) with a screwdriver.

Step 4: Hammer in the 2 1/2" peice of 17/32 brass.

This is what it should look like.

Posted Image

Step 5: Take your 15/16" I.D. 1" O.D. Pipe and cut it down to 4".

Step 6: EDIT: Cut off the back of the slider bar, which unfortunately leaves only one screw hole.

Step 7: Take your CPVC coupler and FILL it with hot glue.

Posted Image

Step 8: Hot glue the coupler into your 15/16" I.D. 1" O.D. Pipe.

Posted Image

EDIT: Step 9 1/2: Wrap E-tape around the plunger tube, similar to what you would do to a recon.

Step 9: Place your crossfire spring in the 15/16" I.D. 1" O.D. Pipe.

Step 10: Replace catch spring with pen spring.

Step 11: Screw it together.

Step 12: Secure your 15/16" I.D. 1" O.D. Pipe to the back of the eliminator SHELL with Hot Glue, Epoxy, or Mighty Putty.

Step 13: Attach the slider bar.

Then you are done.

The ranges are,

With a stock dart fired 4 times:

Average range: 60ft.

With a stefan fired 4 times.

Average range: 55ft.

I know it seems like a spike in range, but all shots WERE taken flat.

Not quite sure why stefans had a shorter range...

The ranges were taken with a level.

Posted Image

and a tape measure.