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Great Mega Missile Mod

05 October 2009 - 07:09 PM

Hey, first off i want to give credit for the idea to Rork. This is a totally different mod, but is based of of his. Now to get to the write up. As you know, the mega missile has great potential but the incredibly small pump and plunger tube is extremely annoying and impractical for wars. Also, i thought Rork's idea was great but i wanted to be able to take the plunger out and thought the giant bike pump was good, but could be improved. So i experimented with different inner diameters of CPVC and PVC and found a perfect airtight fit for the plunger/O ring assembly.

What you will need for this mod is:
Mega Missile
Glue of your choice (make sure it is strong)
However many inches of 1 inch(inner diameter) PVC. I used 5 inches.
Steel, Copper, Aluminum etc... Rod
1/2 inch CPVC coupler (optional)
barrel material. (differs on type of darts used and your preference)

Now for the pictures.

First start with a stock Mega Missile:

Posted Image

Then open it up:

Posted Image

You want to cut off the orange barrel completely. I don't think that needs a picture.

Then you take out the plunger tube and fill in the over pressure release valve with glue.

Posted Image

Next is simple. Just cut whatever length of 1 inch PVC you want as flat as possible. Then cut the original plunger tube off as flat as possible. After they are both flat, use glue to connect them to create the new plunger tube.

Posted Image

Now for the new plunger rod. First, take out the small plunger rod leaving you the plunger and the handle. Then heavily glue the metal rod to the plunger and then slide the other side inside the handle grip and glue. Now there is your new plunger rod. Make sure the rod length matches the PVC length. If your confused, the pictures below will hopefully help explain.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Your almost there. The last step is to use a drill/dremel or whatever else you want to do to cut a hole in the back of the gun to let the plunger tube out.

Posted Image

The optional part is to glue a coupler onto the hole that the barrel used to cover. Also to get a faster air release, you can glue the trigger and the firing pin together. Then close the gun up, and your done. Here is the final product.

Posted Image

I know i did not do the cleanest job but i bought 2 mega missiles. One for practicality/use and the other for a clean mod. Hope this helps anyone out there. Once again, i do not take credit for this idea but i do for this exact modification. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome. Good Luck! -Cappy


05 October 2009 - 03:31 PM

Hey all. I have many springs in my workshop but none are the size of or have the modding capabilities of a longshot spring that i think. Does anyone know of a place to buy springs or of a spring that is about the same length or longer (can be cut), same power, and width of a longshot spring. Thanks!