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No O-ring On My At2k?

16 August 2006 - 12:13 PM

When I opened my first at2k from Kohl's, the turret fell out and I didn't see the o-ring, figuring it must have gotten lost when falling or something. Because of this I had to single mod it :D . Then I opened my second one and this time I made sure to open it carefully and NO O-ring yet again! Is this normal, does anyone else not have o-rings in their at2k turrets? Is the gun supposed to LITERALLY have a 5 ft range stock and bullets not even leaving the barrel? Or do you think this is due to the missing ring? I'm wondering whether I should put one from the store in.

5/8" -> 1/2" Fbr

11 August 2006 - 04:44 PM

I was wondering if anyone has tried this or whether it is even possible.

Since all I can find here is 5/8" FBR, and stefan micros are superior to stefan megas, I was thinking of first heating the FBR in a dryer and then squishing it through CPVC and leaving it to cool off in there. Will the 5/8" FBR be malleable enough to fit in the CPVC after trying and will it retain the 1/2" diameter? Thanks, I really would rather use up my 100' of FBR from the old days rather than buy it online.

At2k Modding

09 August 2006 - 02:50 PM

I just have some quick questions:

Can I fit four SCH 40 PVC barrels on an AT2k turret? I was thinking I would put these first, then when i make enough stefans i can insert a 9/16 brass piece right into the barrel without taking anything apart. Would this be an advisable thing to do?

Also, with PVC and micros, all i have to do is drop the dart in the barrel, giving it a little push, and it falls to the bottom? Is this too loose for a pump gun barrel? Should you have to ramrod the thing into a 6" barrel or just drop it in...which provides the optimal friction? Thanks.