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Rochester Memorial Day War

25 April 2010 - 06:03 PM

When: Saturday, May 29th. 10 Am till whenever.
Where: Tentative Location Al Lorenze Park, Mt. Morris, NY.


There have been complaints about this location by some of the buffalo nerfers, so suggestions are welcome. Please provide pictures.


Me + 2-5


Ground rules:
Gun bans: Titans not shooting original missile
Plugged 4B's, NGG's, etc.
Generally anything shooting over 110' or 120'. Relatively speaking, this isn't the largest war site.

Smear the Queer rounds willl be in order for those trying to get around the rules.


Big Salvo: One Tank Modification

28 September 2009 - 03:32 PM

During my go as a modder, I've always been one to milk the last drop out of everything. This mod uses the rest of a big salvo after 3 tanks are removed to make a marvelous salvo. It shoots like an plugged 2k in three pumps.

Apologies in advance: I only have finished pictures, and they were taken with a cell phone camera with bad photo quality.

Posted Image
Remove the tank/pump setup from the shell. Cut off the every tank but the top, first-firing one.

Posted Image
Pump those three tubing segments full of your glue(s) of choice.


And that's essentially it. Barrel the tank that's left however you want (May I recommend an RSCB?) and put it back into the shell. Here, you have a choice of where you want to put the tank. It's a preference call. I chose the top barrel.
Posted Image

Screw it together.
Posted Image
Posted Image

There you go. This thing works like a singled 2k, taking 3 pumps and shooting ~80 feet. This also frees up a TON of shell space for you to put stuff in.


Rano- W-ny Area Nerf Outing

19 August 2009 - 09:37 PM

This war will be a part of Mr. Badwrench's NIC community get-together.

Myself and Biggiy2c will be hosting RANO on:

Date: Sept. 19
Time: 10-4
Location: Mt. Morris, NY Al Lorenz County Park. PM me if you can't find it on google maps or mapquest.

Gun bans: Titans not shooting the stock missle
Jobars and cobras shooting anything smaller than a Nerf ball
Plugged BBBB's and the like
Anything else is subject to at-war testing (ON YOU, from 20 feet)

Attendance list: 7-15 range
Me + 1-2 (and 2 more later)
Biggiy2c + 2 or more

Maybes: 4-7
DJfoam + 2-4

Here's what to bring:
- A few guns; at least one primary and at least one *spring* pistol.
- Ammo, and a fair amount of it. If you forget you'll have to beg or worse...
- Eye Protection, you don't bring any, you can't play

We'll be playing all the usual gametyppes, with the addition of some very cool uniques ones introduced to me by biggiy2c.

If it comes to my attention that you're not taking hits on purpose, You'll get to star in a special Smear the queer round!

Yeah, that's about it. BE HERE!!!!!!!!1!!!!ONE!!!1!11!

Note: I can provide a few loaners for those in need, but will not supplying darts. PM me if you want me to lend you or a pal on of my guns.

Validating members: PM me on foamuniverse or NHQ

Eliminator Disk Shot Integration

10 August 2009 - 07:48 PM

I don't feel like writing a whole boring intro for this, so here goes.

Note: This will not cover the modifications to the guns themselves, just the integration.

N-strike eliminator
Disk shot pistol
Arizona iced tea
Pigs in a blanket

Cut your eliminator like so:

Posted Image

Cut your Disk shot like so:

Posted Image

Test the fit to make sure they will go together now, and make sure the primed eliminator will not interfere with your disk shot. You may need to cut down the disk shot trigger. I can't stress enough how important this is!

Now, we'll be gluing these together.
Start with hot glue to hold it while the other glues dry.

Posted Image
Schlop on some mighty/epoxy putty. If you use mighty putty, Billy Mays's ghost will make your gun shoot 10 feet further.

Toss a ton of very strong glue on it now. Use a ton of it. Like, go join the boy scouts, and get the goddamn merit badge for it.

Posted Image

Actually, I forgot to take a pic of the gooping.

Let it dry. To increase stability while it's drying, Follow This mod's guidelines and enjoy some pigs in a blanket with some nice iced tea. After much testing, I find it increases the stability of the glue by up to 35%.

Finished pic:
Posted Image
Yeah, I don't have disk shot internals yet.

Expect a PJ soon.

Dart Tag Blaster Modification

06 June 2009 - 02:17 PM

Well, this mod is going to be on how to replace the barrels of your dart tag blaster with PETG. It's a very simple modification.

Stuff needed: 30 inches of PETG

10 inches of 17/32 brass

Buzz bee missile

Tools: Goop or glue of choice

Pipe cutters


Step one: Unscrew your gun.

Posted Image

Remove the turret, and unscrew the screws in the turret to remove the orange part. You won't need the orange portion.

Put 10 one inch stubs of 17/32 brass into the slots of the turret.

(This picture was taken on a camera I do not currently have access to and will be put up on Sunday night.)

Slide 3" segments of PETG on the 17/32nds brass, and glue them to ensure they will not move or fall out, and to make sure they are 100% airtight. I used a combo of epoxy putty and plumber's goop, but I highly recommend goop or epoxy. Hell, even hot glue would do the job. Edit: The chopped 4B missile is a barrel spacer.

Posted Image

So Now, we're mostly done. Put the turret back into the shell.

Posted Image

Completely optional: I added a crossfire spring because my local ace does not sell #49's.

Completely optional: I gooped the gray part that fills the hole in the back of the shell to one side of the shell because it was causing problems.

Completely optional: I cut the front handle off because it does nothing more than get in the way.

Close the gun up.

Posted Image

And now you're done. Mine is hitting 55 feet flat.

This mod is great for people who want to mod their DTB but have bigger darts.
I'll be testing this puppy tomorrow at a local war. I suspect with a seal improval and a plunger draw extension mod this could hit 75 feet.

This computer is funky, and I typed this in microsoft word. I'll try to fix any write-up technical problems I see.
Edit: fixed font issue.