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Dtg/at3k Write-up

06 July 2007 - 10:21 PM

Well, I figured since Carrtoon didn't exactly have a write-up for this and there are lots of new people out there, I might as well do one.


Carrtoon gets all the credit for the making of the DTG/At3k or 2k. I decided to recreate his mod for myself because it is so awesome. Here's a link to his original thread: LINK. I recently had to open my DTG up again and I figured: Why not make a write-up? So here it is:

Step 1: Open up your DTG and take out the plunger and catch so it looks like this:

Posted Image

Step 2: You will have to dremel the inside so that your airtank can squeeze into there. Here is approx. where you should cut:

Posted Image

Another pic:

Posted Image

Step 3: I am assuming you have your airtank and pump out like this already:

Posted Image

a) Cut off the small ring attached on the plunger that allows a seal between the plunger and the turret and glue it on the nub on your air tank:

Posted Image


Step 4: DO NOT CONNECT THE TUBING TO THE AIRTANK YET. Pass the tubing through the hole* that you made and then connect it to the airtank. Place the airtank in there and make sure it is a good fit and the black seal piece is pressed against the turret, then glue it in there to make sure it doesn't move around:

Posted Image

Step 5: Drill a small hole in a popsicle stick or anything stick-like and use some strong glue to connect it to the trigger like so:

Posted Image

Step 6: You are almost done now, but here comes maybe the trickiest spot. You have to connect the trigger to the firing pin of your airtank. I cannot really explain how to do it, but I will just say to use strong wire or something, so that you don't have to re-open it every so often. Also, DO NOT make the wire too tight or the air tank will fire before the turret has turned:

Here's how I did it:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Step 7: Close the gun up, put the screws back in place, and put the pump anywhere you want. I would recommend somewhere secure, unlike the people who have their pumps sticking out of the back of their guns...:

Posted Image

Step 8: Now, you can add anything you want to the gun. I added a DTG mag holder, a foregrip and a stock:

Posted Image

* The hole:
Posted Image

RoF: What you would expect in an at3k except with 4 mroe shots.
Accuracy: How do you measure accuracy? It can hit it's targets fine.
Range: Around 60-65 ft. Measured with taggers and the stock barrels.
Other: People might like this integration because it's clean (unless you add on a ton of stuff like me).

Questions, comments or criticism? Tell me!

Mp3 Players/pmp/cd Player Etc.

12 May 2007 - 02:19 PM

One of the main reasons I am starting this thread is because I want to know if almost everyone here has iPods. The other reason is that I want to see which non-iPod players are popular. I really hate it when people call my MP3 player an "iPod". I personally don't see why they are so great and I want different opinions to that.

I have an iRiver Clix 1st gen. It is great for me because I don't need that much space for my music and videos. The D-Click system is also a nice change to the usual buttons or click-wheel. I like the custom EQ setting possibility and it has great sound. What music player do you have?

Dtg Clip

09 April 2007 - 12:27 PM

OK, so I'm sure many people would like to have a DTG Clip that can go out of the gun. I have found a simple, basic way to do this. If you have a DTG, you know that the ARs snap on to the base of the turret. I just simply glued the ARs to the barrels on the turrets. After, I cut and sanded the front of the DTG to allow the upper part of the turret to be taken out. So, basically, the ARs are holding the DTG clip on the base of the turret and since the turret isn't screwed together, you can take it off. There seems to be a minimal range decrease of maybe 1 ft. in my stock DTG. The only problem is you can't knock the DTG too hard or else the clip might fall off. I will have pictures up a little later.

Edit- Pics:
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Spider Man 3 Nerf

24 March 2007 - 03:34 PM

Has anyone noticed that Spider Man now has lots of nerf toys? Ii was just wondering this because I went to a TRU today and saw this big Nerf pump-action Spiderman gun. It has 8 rotating barrels and shoots something close to mega suction darts. It is big and has one of those foot missile launcher sthat you have to press on for it to launch. This is connected on the top and can come off when you want it. You don't have to pull that far back, and I don't think is has that much power, but since it shoots megas, maybe they added a bit of extra kick. Im sorry I couldn't take pics, but I didn't have a camera with me. Has anyone else seen this gun?

Found it- http://www.target.co...asin=B000MKGOWG

Brassing A Dtg

08 March 2007 - 03:24 PM

Well, I have a DTG that's just screaming to be brassed and banded because it barely gets 30' flat stock. Now, before I start I want to know if it will actually be worth brassing and banding. My goal is to get 50'- 60' flat with these mods with stock darts. I have two questions:

1)Is my goal possible with those two mods?

2) Because I have limited amounts of 17/32 brass, I can only make the barrels 2 inches long! Will this affect range or accuracy with stock darts or do I absolutely need longer barrels?

3) Should I make a write-up on this or not?

I will update this topic with my brassed DTG if it is successful.