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Singled Longstrike

25 July 2011 - 01:35 AM

I had some cpvc scraps lying around, and then I saw my longstrike and one thing led to another. Sorry for the post mod pictures, I didn't think about it until I decided to do the write-up.

Let's Get it Started...worst way to start ever.

Materials Needed:
Sandpaper or dremel sandbit
CPVC and CPVC T thing
E-Tape and Plumbers Goop
Hacksaw or Dremel Cutting bit

Of course the first thing your going to need to do is remove the air restrictors.

Next, you're going to cut right behind that nub type thing on the bolt.


Then, put the bolt in the T. Sanding may be necessary.


After this, put some kind of priming handle, usually a length of CPVC, on the T and plug it with either foam or an endcap,which I did not have accessible.


The last thing you're going to do is cut the dart tooth receptive thingy (Seen in the picture below) so it can receive the barrel, a length of at least 4 inch CPVC.

It should end up looking like this.

Finished Product

This performs on par with my singled longshot with a [k26] spring.
Happy Modding!


I believe this mod is capable of hitting ranges of 100' angled and if the wind isn't going the wrong way.

Raider First Mod

05 February 2011 - 11:37 PM

I recently acquired my first raider, and I wanted to mod it. My only setback was, I had never modded a primary before. I preceded extremeley cautiously, and the mod come out successful. First it was a standard air restricter removal.
Posted Image

Then I found some kind of heavy metallic tubing, and I thought it would be perfect for a barrel. At first the tubing wouldn't go throught the hole in the front of the gun, so I had to widen it. I secured it with pumbers goop and I closed the gun up, test fired and it worked.
Posted Image

Finished Product
Posted Image