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#353689 Tornadowbow help

Posted by cheerios on 23 May 2016 - 01:27 PM

I can replace the water gun with pvc, but the washers and the polycarb plunger tube will be hard. And by hard, I mean I can't because I don't have any money. I also am very opposed to cutting the ring launcher apart...


Check out drain extension tubes at your local hardware store that has plumbing materials.There might be some that are close to the same dimensions as the polycarbonate tube Ice Nine used. The plastic ones are generally pretty cheap.



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#350680 China Darts Review

Posted by cheerios on 11 January 2016 - 06:53 PM

So my order of China darts came in today so I had to test them out.


First thing I did was cut them down to 35mm in length so that they were similar in length to my MHA silicone dome darts. These darts have a bigger dart tip comparable to those that Xplorer produce, and the foam they are made out of is denser than that of NERF elite darts. These darts do weigh a noticeable amount more than MHA darts just by feel, but I don't have a scale cause I'm not a drug lord and I don't have any use for a scale that weighs .00 grams.




Then I tested them in an overhauled SM1500, Zorn's FAL2, and then a Plusbow. The FAL2 was fitted with the same hopper setup I've been using with MHA darts since 2013 so as to eliminate that as a variable for their hopper-ability. The Plusbow was fitted with an unmodified 1/2" PVC Wye hopper and a 12" CPVC barrel.




Both the FAL2 and Plusbow were fired 100 times and their record of fires to misfires were recorded, and the results are as follows:

China Darts

FAL2: 97/100

+Bow: 100/100


MHA Darts (Minor Cornstarch)

FAL2: 92/100

+Bow: 92/100


#6 Slugs

FAL2: 99/100

+bow: 100/100


The accuracy of these darts is superb; even out of a ridiculously overpowered overhauled SM1500 the darts didn't spin out and shot laser straight. The same can be said about the FAL2 and Plusbow.


As for range variance between these, MHA silicone domes, and Slugs... I didn't test it cause It's too cold and it honestly doesn't matter, but I would take an educated guess and say that these will out range MHA domes and slugs when fired out of the same blaster.



  • They seem to feed more reliably than MHA darts, but more testing needs to be done before this can be confirmed.
  • Significantly more aerodynamic than slugs
  • $0.05 per dart


  • They're made with black foam which will make recovery a bit of an issue.
  • They're more aerodynamic tip could inflict more pain compared to Slugs or MHA domes.
  • You have to cut them down to make them hopper.

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