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Vulcan Ammo Box Mod

10 August 2008 - 02:25 PM

So I got the Vulcan with the bonus and two extra chains with the idea of creating a 100 round chain but it didn't work out too well.
At first I had the chain in a loop and I had disabled the lock on the chain guard but the Vulcan couldn't pull the chain from one side of a box to the other.
Next I tried to do a 100 round chain but no loop and I found the box and the catch box had to be huge and it was way too bulky.
So then I went with 50 round chains and it works great. The biggest problem with a 50 round chain is that on the extruding end it weights down the gun and makes it jam, so if you put in a catch box then there is no problem.
So I cut out the bottom of the ammo box and added on to it so it would hold the 50 round chain. Then I added the catch box on the other side. Material used is the cardboard from the box the gun came in and good old duct tape. Yes it is connected on the bottom so that a chain could loop to one side to the other but that was left over from my other trials.

Posted Image

Posted Image

No other mods on this gun as it seems that the Vulcan is too complex/well engineered to be improved (but please prove me wrong)

Splitlip chain mods were used.

Chains can be worn by using rubber bands to hold them together, in doing that it takes about one minute to throw out the used chain and load up the chain being worn to reload the Vulcan.

This gun rules in indoor wars!

Recon Rifle

18 February 2008 - 06:15 PM

Here is my Recon mod.
I did an AR removal (which is a pain to do)
Put a section of AR15 recoil spring in 2" PVC and wrapped it in duct tape and sheet foam.
Then I glued it to the gun, so yes I can't remove it.
Finally I put a 1/2" Copper barrel in the existing barrel for a tighter fit with streamlines.
Add my 14 dart extended clip from my Longshot and we are good to go!
It doesn't detach anymore but it gets good ranges now, about the same as my Longshot with streamlines that have been upgraded (lead weight + hole plugged)

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Amazon.com Has Double Shot And Tech Target

27 September 2007 - 10:05 PM

I didn't see this posted anywhere so here is some info.
Amazon.com has the Buzzbee Doubleshot for only $9.99.
And they have the Tech Target for $17.99.
Buy one of each and you get free shipping.
Looks like a good deal to me.


23 December 2006 - 02:48 PM

So I had a broken RF-20 around (one stupid o-ring) and my friend gave me a broken Mav that he wanted to fix, but the catch was broken clean off so I couldn't fix it. So over this break I combined them together and made this a Rapid fire maverick.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Here is what I did with the internals
Posted Image

Well I am at home and my darts are at school, so no ranges yet.
But I expect to get around stock Mav ranges (I did band the tank).
And if it doesn't get those ranges I am going to try and spring the tank.

Nerf War List

26 October 2006 - 09:59 PM

I am looking for a list of all of the annual nerf wars and their locations.
I know some but all the different names and acronyms are throwing me off.