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In Topic: Vulcan Ammo Box Mod

11 August 2008 - 02:19 PM

@ AJ.Z Chains do not get tangled so no divider needed. Yes it would look much nicer if it was made of plastic, but I put this together in about two hours and most of that time was trying to make a 100 round chain work.

@ Daecu Yes Orange duct tape would look nicer but I had silver right at hand.

@ Splitlip Thanks; That's great that you got some improvement on the range but it looks like it is a lot of work (screws) and there is a good danger that you would trash the gun. I think that I will wait some more for a consensus on the best mod for the gun.

@ bartel It doesn't add that much bulk on the gun, a little bit more than using the Vulcan with the tripod attached.

@ g-force Nice tupperware, but how is Chubbs going to like it?

In Topic: An Idea For Storing Vulcan Extra Long Ammo Belts.

11 August 2008 - 02:06 PM

Add a catch box on the extruding end to hold the weight of the chain off the gears.

In Topic: Suggestions For Lan/online Multiplayer Games

13 March 2008 - 12:41 AM

Urban Terror
Its a free FPS shooter that is like CS.

In Topic: Recon Rifle

20 February 2008 - 01:45 AM

You just can't win with ranges either people flame you for having a number to large or criticize you for having a number to small.
As for my numbers these are un-angled ranges so yes it would go at least 60 or more angled but lets not get into that flame war again.

As for further mods on this gun, no, I am done with it, it works great for me and I am happy with it.

As for me this is my last mod, I'm old now; I'm out of college and working a full time career so I am getting out of Nerf. I am keeping my favorite guns (this one, a Tec-Target, a Magstrike, a BBB, an AT2k and a SuperMax 1500) and giving the rest of my guns (about 80%) to a floor on my old college that does Nerf every quarter.
Here is the old army bag that I stuffed them all into.
Posted Image
I might be tempted to have a stab at the Vulcan when it is released but that depends on its internals.
Either way do less talk and more mods; and take it easy.
SPU Nerf Out

In Topic: Recon Rifle

19 February 2008 - 08:54 PM

Yes what I have been calling a AR15 recoil spring is a buffer spring, sorry for the confusion.

Unlike some I am conservative on my ranges, and I did see a range jump when I added the spring.

@Ambience 327:
How I hold it is the stock on top of my shoulder my cheek pressed against the sheet foam my right hand on the handle/trigger and my left hand on the carrier to work its action. I aim with the orange nub that sticks up over my left hand. Works very well for me and it is very stable and easy to aim.