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Spectre Rev-5 Mods

26 November 2010 - 12:52 AM

The new Spectre rev-5. I think personally that Hasbro is listening to us. This gun stock I thought was pretty good, and it is certainly much easier to mod than the maverick. Let's start out with what they got right. It has a rotation mechanism that is driven when the gun is primed... Well that was all I could think of that they did well on. Now for the bad. It has a somewhat new spin on the inverse plunger design as you will see later, that has a tiny volume of air, roughly equal to the maverick. It also only has five shots which for those of us with basic math skills is one less than the maverick. It comes with a barrel extension that I never use, and a folding stock, which is sort of cool I guess. it doesn't collapse, it is a true folding stock.

Now on to the fun part. How do we make it better?

To start I'm going to assume that anyone who reads this is intelligent enough to open the gun. With that being said,
The internals
Posted Image

Now just like the maverick the rotating cylinder pops right out. You will need to use an exacto knife to cut the piece of plastic around the end of the metal rod so it can pop off the end of the rod. be careful to not deform it very much or you will ruin your gun.
Posted Image

once you have done that pull the rod out of the cylinder completely save the spring and the little plastic end piece you will need them later. Now there are five screws on the back of the cylinder around the edges that have to come out. After those are removed you can open it up by pulling both ends apart. Now just pull the ar pegs out and the rest of the restrictor should just fall out. I'm not sure yet if the ar pegs are a critical piece to this blaster like they were in the mav, However I don't think that they are. If it turns out that they aren't then this gun is very easy to convert to shoot stefans. all wars I have attended use stock darts so I just left them in.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Once you have that taken care of; turret all reassembled Plastic ring and spring put back where they go, put the turret back where it goes in the gun. the next thing to do is to address the plunger tube. Pull it out and pull out the part that holds the o-ring. take off the o- ring and look at where it was sitting. If you turn it around you will find that Hasbro has kindly made the blaster unable to seal perfectly. There Is a small plastic tab sticking up in the o=ring area which prevents the seal from being perfect. Use a knife to remove this piece being very careful not to damage anything around it. the finished product should have no plastic tabs sticking up in the o-ring seat. you can see where I scraped mine up a little bit. Ideally this should be very smooth
Posted Image

Next to add another spring. Take the spring off the back of the plunger tube. You will most likely need to sand down the tube that slides beneath the spring if you wish to add another. I had a spring laying around that I got from a True Value, but use whatever works best for you.
Posted Image

After you do that, you shouldn't have to do any reinforcing, I padded the plunger with some felt bumpers. I have no Idea what the actual range that it shoots now is, But I would guess it is over forty feet flat with sonic micros, a few feet less with suckers, and streamlines are far too squirrely to tell how far they go. Taggers are the only option if you want to be able to hit what you shoot at. It is a pretty good gun overall, it would be a good backup to a slower loading primary, and it was a good addition to my arsenal.

The o-ring in mine is gray, not black like in every other Nerf gun I've seen. Has anyone else seen anything like this before?

Apocalyptic Doom

09 August 2008 - 10:35 PM

This is a nerf gun that I built with my spare time over summer break.
It is an incredibly powerful air cannon. Without the silencer it is 40” long. I did not design it for battle practicality. I do not intend to shoot people with this gun. The only reason for this project was to see how much power a homemade gun could have, and this is certainly not the most powerful gun possible. It was just an attempt at a powerful nerf gun, and a fun project.

Posted Image
Gun with silencer.
Gun without silencer.

The barrel is 17.5” long, and the silencer is 15” long.



The breech is a creative bit of engineering, I had to make. It consists of a piece of ½” PVC pipe with a 1 ½” notch to load the darts with. On either end of the notch is a piece of FBR that has been cut in half then hot glued to the ½” PVC. The sliding part is a piece of 1” PVC that is 2 Ύ” long.

The back of the gun.

The front of the gun with the valves electrical box etc.

The firing valve is a 1” sprinkler solenoid valve. The galvanized pipe behind it is all 1”. I bought the wrong type of regulator for this type of gun, it is a flow regulator, instead of a pressure regulator. That is why the ball valve is there. To prime the firing chamber all I have to do is just barely crack open the regulator, and then open the ball valve until I have about 25p.s.i. in the small pressure chamber. Then I close the ball valve, and fire.
Radio shack sold me a bad switch so I have not been able to use the electronic firing system yet. Until I can get a new switch I will use the manual bleed.
The main pressure chamber is 24” long and made out of 2” PVC. I pressurize it with a bike pump to 60p.s.i. this allows for about 10 shots until the main PC is at 25p.s.i. and is no longer at a usable pressure.

The ranges with the normal barrel and 25psi. in the small chamber and the gun at a 0 deg. angle.
I haven’t perfected my Stefan making technique yet , so the ranges vary quite a lot.

Now for the fun part. With the gun at an angle of about 25 deg. a 38” barrel, and 65psi. in the small PC the farthest I have gotten it to shoot is 378’, Keep in mind that that was the best shot out of three.

I was wondering if any one has tried lubricating the barrel with something, and if so what did you use? I am looking for ways to increase range. Thanks in advance.