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Your Top 10 Pc Games

07 September 2008 - 09:15 AM

Since I'm a big time PC gamer I figured it was about time that a thread like this was created. It's always cool to see what games everyone else is playing and enjoying these days. Feel free to ask other members about their call-signs or nicknames in this thread. Most of the time mine's Ta10n, so don't be a stranger. Simply post a list of your top ten PC games (open to Windows, Linux, and OSX) with a few rules of course.

Rule 1:

No console ports. Some games are meant to be played on a console and I'm totally cool with that. There are good ports and bad ports, but lets just keep it simple. Games that are either PC exclusive or had an essentially simultaneous console and PC launch (lets say approximately within 3 months of each other).

Rule 2:

A series of titles counts as one game. So if you're a Half-Life fan like I am we'll say for the sake of argument that the entire Half-Life series was one game. Which it basically was. One game released in many, many parts.

That's all for the rules, now lets get the first list up. MINE!

1. Deus Ex (only 1)
2. Half-Life (1,2, all the episodes, Lost Coast, Blue shift, and Opposing force)
3. Portal
4. Crysis
5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernoybl (with Oblivion Lost 2.2 and Arsenal mods preferably)
6. Sins of a Solar Empire
7. Company of Heroes (original and Opposing Fronts)
8. The Elder Scrolls (3 and 4)
9. Rollercoaster Tycoon (1 and 2)
10. Battlefield (2 and 2142)

Follow this layout and the rules. That will be all.


Doing Something Constructive: Video

29 August 2008 - 10:08 PM

Hey there ladies and gents. Just thought I'd start up a forum topic to drum up some publicity for a little movie myself and a few friends put together. This movie features the first ever footage of my LS Tactical going through some serious action. Anyway, you can find the vid here:


Plug "doing something constructive" into the "search videos" box and enjoy.

(alternatively just plug this in: http://www.futuresho...gon=&langid=EN)

Now of course I won't blindly direct you to the video, so first consider the following questions. If you answered yes to any of them this is your kind of movie.

+ Does the idea of wallpapering a cat put a smile on your face?
+ Do you like action packed gunfights using sound effects generated entirely by household objects?
+ Does having two of the same person on the screen at one time blow your mind?
+ Do insanely cool special effects turn you on?
+ Do you want to see the LS Tactical in "action"?
+ Do you think a guy in a sombrero saving the day is Effeminate?
+ Do you think using a tripod as a minigun is a neat idea?

Have a look and let me know what you think.


P.S. This IS part of a contest so if you really like it be sure to vote for the video between Sept. 5-11, we would really appreciate your support. I'm not sure if the voting is open to residents outside of Canada, but if you're a canuck like I am make sure you check the vid out.

P.P.S. If this type of posting is extremely erotic I apologize beforehand.


Okay guys, so this was the last day to vote for the video. In fact the winner was SUPPOSED to be named today. SO what happened? Well one person on the forum makes the comment that certain videos violate the terms that were set out to begin with (regarding copyrighted content and length, although the length comment had no merit). This complaint sparked more complaints about how certain videos should not have been in the top ten (our video was in the top ten). So what does Futureshop do? Instead of removing the rule breaking vids they decide, on the last day of the contest no less, to open up ALL previously submitted videos for voting, and to make all previous votes WORTHLESS. Futureshop broke the rules that THEY set (regarding dates and the function of the top 10), a dick move to say the very least.

The Futureshop forum is lit up with all the ticked off people (including me). If you were following the progress of the vid and think that a wrong has been done then post your comments on the Futureshop forum, and as always I appreciate everyone's support.

The forum thread is here:


The main video page:



Longshot Tactical

03 August 2008 - 10:57 AM


This Longshot mod is a compilation of successful experiments to make the Longshot into a more “tactical” Nerf weapon. These mods are very simple to perform with limited power tools (electric drill and Dremel) and a few hand tools (hacksaw, clamps, sandpaper, etc.) For those of you who have done Dart Attack's front gun integration mod (or any other integration mod in this space), you may find a few interesting things to try out, or use as a basis for your own custom mods. I hope it's helpful, interesting, flame-worthy or something......

(Note, I take no responsibility for you screwing up your LS by performing these mods. But really, there's almost no way you could screw these mods up)


Posted Image

So, as you can see the base mod for this LS was Dart Attack's famous integration mod (http://nerfhaven.com...topic=7232&st=0). After that I added adaptations of a couple other mods, namely the tactical light inspired by Kevinericon's LS (http://nerfhaven.com...08&hl=Starfleet) and the silencer inspired by Zero's design found here: http://nerfhaven.com.../zero_silencer/. Other than that I added a new trigger for the front gun, a new custom ambidextrous charging handle, a four-position collapsible stock mod, a threaded mount/decorative flash suppressor to attach the silencer, a custom sighting system with iron sights and a seven power scope, plus a means of clamping two magazines side-by-side. That was a mouthful, on to the specifics.

Front gun integration and new trigger

Posted Image

For those of you who don't know the integration mod is a fairly easy and really cool looking mod to do to your LS. First you'll want to disassemble the gun, remove the bipod legs and the piece that keeps the barrel closed off as you charge the LS (the very end of this piece is in the "strike zone"). Next (with the LS in two halves) grab your nearest hacksaw and lob off the bipod area. Clean the area up with 60-grit, then 150-grit sandpaper, or the sanding wheel on your rotary tool if you like. Next trim the front gun to fit (again removing any important things you may cut through first) and with the front gun in two halves glue each halve to it's respective longshot halve. For glue I used superglue followed by a bit of hot glue to give it more strength. Now, my integration didn't end up being the cleanest or best looking (if you want clean and good looking check out Kevinericon's LS), but I'm satisfied as this is my first major nerf mod :)

Posted Image

Next up is the new trigger. If you look closely at this picture you will notice that it's made out of two 3mm thick pieces of clear Plexiglas, which have been sanded and painted. You will also notice that I made a Plexiglas plate to cover this large hole where the front gun handle used to be. That little white piece in the picture is the toggle switch for the tactical light. The origin of this new trigger came from about six hours fiddling with fishing line trying to hook the front gun trigger and the main LS trigger together. Eventually I just said "screw it, I'm making a new trigger" so I did. Luckily the new trigger required no modification of the LS shell itself, since the 6mm thick new trigger fits through the slot that the old trigger used to fit through. To make this trigger I simply cut two pieces of plexi to shape, glued them together, sanded them and added little plexi tabs and made slots in the plexi with the hacksaw so that the trigger would ride straight on the rails already built into the shell. Finally I glued the trigger to the front gun mechanism and added some Motomaster Silicone Lube so it slides nice and smooth. In fact I would go so far as to say that the new trigger is smoother to operate than the old LS front gun trigger

Posted Image

In case you were wondering, that's how far the trigger slides back to fire the gun.

Four position stock

This mod was so easy and I was surprised no one had attempted it before. Simply drill and sand two new holes in the LS shell (removing all internal components in this area first), if you place them correctly (like I did) you'll barely touch the interior "walls" of the gun when you drill through. Precision is key here, if the holes aren't lined up properly the locking pin in the stock won't properly engage the hole, meaning that the stock won't lock into place. Here are some shots of the new stock in action (all photos were taken with the stock "locked")

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

New charging handle

Posted Image

I had doubts about this one at first, but once attached to the gun the new charging handle has proved to be just as solid as the silly looking orange handles. To make it simply cut four pieces of plexi to the desired shape and size. Take two of the pieces and create a long slot the same size as the lip on the jam door in them. Do this by drilling out the two ends and connecting them using a dremel cut off wheel. Then glue the four pieces together (with the two notched pieces at the bottom), shape, sand, and superglue the piece to the jam door. To allow the charging handle to move the bolt FORWARD place a big dab of hot glue on the top of the forward bolt sled (the piece with the metal rod through it) as you're reassembling the gun. You may be surprised to find that this works very well, and the bond between the jam door and bolt sled is very solid.

Here is the new handle with the bolt locked to the rear:

Posted Image

And with the bolt closed in the forward position:

Posted Image

ATSS-N (Advanced Tactical Sighting System - Nerf)

Posted Image

I'm sure some of you are thinking "Ta10n you dumbass, it's pointless to put a scope on a Nerf gun." I would tend to agree, but I would never use the scope for the purpose of aiming. It's more of a novelty thing in this case. I figure you could use the scope in a war to do some basic visual recon. For example your teammate says "I think I saw something in the bushes on the other end of the field." Now you can respond, "yeah that's CaptainSlug in the bushes with a +Bow." So no I'm not a loser who likes to loser people with all his loser friends. Or something like that, if I understand the text filter correctly :) Anyway I included iron sights on the top of the unit for the purpose of accurate aiming. The height of the iron sights is perfect, so you can go from scope to iron with a simple tilt of the head. The whole unit is constructed from Plexiglas, making it (I think) the first entirely custom accessory for the LS rail (this unit will ONLY fit the LS rail). I finished it off with several coats of Krylon Fusion White and Krylon Clear Coat. The Mead Golf Scope is secured via friction using foam glued to the sight and foam glued to the scope itself. Meaning that it would be easy to swap in a new scope at a later date. More pictures for all you curious people.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

End Part 1

And the picture of the reticle in the Golf Scope. The cool thing is if you can find an object that is approximately eight feet high (the standard golf flag height as I recall) you can use the reticle to find your approximate distance from said object. Pretty neat

Posted Image

Tactical Light[size=4]

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

This tactical light setup was inspired, as I said before, by Kevinericon's LS. But instead of placing the light where the front gun barrel was, I placed mine in the indentation below it. I pulled the LS apart and sanded the circular indent with my Dremel so it became a hole. Then I grabbed the front piece off a crappy little flashlight and the LED and batteries from this Dorcy flashlight/Carabiner/keyring/thing and enlisted the help of a friend who knew his way around a soldering iron. So he wired everything together, using the BIOS battery holder off an old motherboard to allow the batteries to be changed and putting an old PC on/off switch (AT I believe) in the circuit for obvious reasons. Then after reinforcing the solder joints with hot glue I hot glued the LED to the flashlight front piece, then hotglued the whole assembly into place. Here's what it looks like on the inside:

Posted Image

While reassembling the gun I had problems with the front gun staying cocked. That's what the aptly named "Anti Trigger Catch Slip Plate" is for. It's simply a piece of plexi with a slightly ramped end that keeps the plunger catch from pushing the plunger up and not catching it. Moving on to the magazine clamps

Magazine Clamps[size=4]

Posted Image

These parts were a little more complicated to fabricate, but not too complicated. Basically the system consists of a pair of plexi clamps with a wood spacer in between. The plexi clamps are bolted together front and back, putting pressure on the joint beween the wood and the mags, thereby holding the whole mess together with friction. I cut the plexi with a hacksaw and dremel, sanded with 150 and 400 grit sand paper, used a heatgun to bend it, and used nuts and machine screws to bolt it together. I cut the wood block with a hacksaw and shaped the indents (so the magazines would fit tightly) using the sanding drum on the dremel.

Threaded mount/flash hider[size=4]

Posted Image

This ones pretty self explanatory


Posted Image

I followed Zero's design on this one, substituting 1/2" PVC for the 3/4" PVC, using PVC for the sheath, filling the space between with soft foam, porting the barrel in a line, not a spiral and adding a threaded coupler on the end. Then I painted using, once again, Krylon Fusion white and Krylon clear coat.

Posted Image

Padded cheek rest and carry handle[size=4]

Posted Image

The easiest mod of them all. Simply hot glue soft foam on the top of the stock and under the carry handle/scope rail. Not only does this really make the gun more comfortable, but it also adds some visual interest and covers up inconsistencies in my paint job :)

The paint job[size=4]

I painted the gun itself with Krylon Fusion Nickel Metallic paint, painting over the "bolts" with light Ghost Gray. I really can't recommend the Krylon Metallic paint enough. While the white Krylon Fusion looks meh, and wears off (even with clear coat) on my modded Maverick, this stuff (5-6 coats of paint, 5-6 coats of clear) not only looks great, but feels smooth and durable (assuming you use enough clear) and the nickel is not at all susceptible to "yellowing" by using a thick layer of clear. In fact I recommend going big on the clear, with enough of it the paint job actually feels like a factory finish. Very nice.


While I haven't yet done any range performance mods (other than remove the AR in the front gun, resulting in a range of about 30 feet) I can assess the performance of these other mods.

Front gun trigger:
-Allows the front gun to be fired independently from the main LS
-Can be fired both by sliding the hand back holding the gun like a rifle, or fired with a finger pull while using the magazine as a vertical grip
-Smoother operation than the stock trigger

Tactical Light:
-Major cool factor
-May be useful for a night war, or distracting a short range opponent
-Doesn't put out THAT much light

Mag Clamps:
-Allows for a nearly sub-second reload time
-Doesn't add any extra height to the gun (allowing you to go prone)
-Allows easy reloading loading of one magazine while the other is ready to fire

Charging Handle:
-The forward location allows the weapon to be charged and ready to fire faster than the stock handles
-Smaller size means it's less likely to snag on clothing
-Looks cooler than the stock handles
-Tight tolerance with clamped mags means you may need to adjust the way you pull the handle depending on which magazine is inserted

Threaded mount/silencer:
-Looks mean
-Doesn't help with noise output, may harm accuracy (depending on darts used)

Four position stock:
-Two more positions of adjustment
-Position three (second longest) is great when used with ATSS-N
-Doesn't affect structural integrity

-Scope + iron sight combo
-Looks cool
-Only fits LS
-Takes a bloody long time to make
-Possible range finding capability
-Rear sight blades have a tendency to snap off (working on fixing that)

Padded Cheek Rest/Carry Handle:
-Makes the gun more comfortable when carrying or looking down the sight
-Covers up botched areas of the paint job
-Actually looks pretty cool

A few more pics:

Posted Image

Posted Image

And thats about it, until next time. Thanks to CaptainSlug and VACC for accelerating the validation process so I could get this posted, cheers guys!

Nerf on!