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This is a simple Silencer I adapted from a paintball site's instructions, which involved parts a mite too large for Nerfing applications, like a 1.5" PVC sheath.

Essentially, this is just a piece of 3/4" PVC, with holes drilled into it, wrapped in cloth or tissue paper/kleenex, and sheathed in some kind of tube, with the proper attachments at one end to attach to your average 1/2" PVC barrel. You could easily scale this down to a 1/2" PVC equivilent, which would attach the brass, simply by using slightly different connectors and reducers, and a different sheath.

So, essentially, you just want to get a piece of 3/4" PVC, about a foot or so long, a sheath of some kind, like the cardboard tube from Wrapping Paper or Paper Towels, or even some kind of PVC, if you can find fitting PVC. I used the cardboard tube on one, and another with special, large Inner Diameter 1" PVC. Also, you'll need a 3/4" PVC connector, and 3/4" - 1/2" PVC reducer.

So, drill some holes in the sides of the 3/4" PVC with a large drill bit, about 5/16" or so. Make sure to file or sand the inside of the barrel, to prevent any dart catching. Attach the connector and reducer, glueing if desired. Wrap some tissue paper, kleenex, paper towel, or soft cloth around this drilled tube, and slide the sheath over this, making sure the material stays in place. You could use scotch tape to ensure this. Make sure there's a fair amount of this material between the pipe and sheath, though not to the point that it's heavily packed in there. Remember that the holes are for air and sound absorption, not deflection. Now, you can seal the ends of the sheath with some hotglue, if desired, to waterproof it (Unless you used a cardboard sheath). Remember that the longer you make the silencer, the more chance you have of the dart catching on one of those holes, and spinning out.

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