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Questions Aout Ex-sof Kansas War

01 July 2009 - 03:18 PM

Okay, a few questions about the war in Topeka,

What guns are banned?

Is the time and location still 10:00 am at Crestview park in Topeka?

Is anyone bringing anything to sell?

What time shall we break?

~~~~~~~Thanks KS nerfers.


13 June 2009 - 09:02 PM

Just trying to get an approximate total on how many are coming:

Ace of Nerf

Vengeful Waffle
Collective + 2

Slight Chance:
Black Slate + 2

Save On Batteries

27 January 2009 - 04:15 PM

Check this out, LINK


F2p Mmorpgs And Mmogs

11 September 2008 - 02:20 PM

Hey it's not like I've got much time to kill but I do enjoy good MMORPGs and MMOGs. So I can't really find a good F2P MMORG or MMOG so I want to know whcich ones you play. I would prefer if it had no download or and least very little download (10-50 mins). Thanks!

Nerf Crap On Wikipedia

31 August 2008 - 09:36 PM

Has anyone been reading the Nerf page on wikipedia?

Scout: Light armament and spying/Recommended Weapons: One classic Nite Finder and AS-1 or a Rev-8 Firefly.
Tips and Tricks: Be very cautious. Scouts should stay under cover or darkness. Scouts should fight in defense. Scouts need to be fast and/or very resourceful.

loser: Armed long-range shooter and should stay under cover near fort or command post/Recommended Weapons: CS-6 Longshot or CS-6 Recon and Nite Finder.
Tips and Tricks: ALWAYS STAY UNDER COVER. Start at the fort and wait till the fight for the command post is over, then advance. Always be ready. losers should have sharp eyes and/or an extreme sense of caution.

Bomber: Heavily armed fighter, attacks forts and command posts/Recommended Weapons: Nerf Big Bad Titan, Nerf Reactor, Dart Tag guns, Nerf Big Bad Bow.
Tips and Tricks: Stay in the fort until everyone's ready to assault the enemy. Then move and move fast. Destroy every enemy in your way and surround yourself with trooper bodyguards. Bombers should be aggressive and/or intimidating.

Trooper: Moderately armed, fights in all circumstances/Recommended Weapons: Nerf Maverick, Dart Tag guns, CS-6 Recon, Mech Tommy 20.
Tips and Tricks: Always help your scout buddies when they're outnumbered and swarm around bombers. Always keep moving. Anyone with the right guns can be a trooper.

Guard: Mounted gunner, stays near fort at all times/Recommended Weapons: Nerf Rapid Fire 20 Machine Gun, CS-6 Longshot, Nerf Vulcan EBF 25.
Tips and Tricks: Hide, hold your gun and if someone you don't like comes near, gun him down. Be agressive, cunning, and deadly accurate.

It reeks of those youtube nerfers.