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What Should I Do To My Bbb

16 November 2008 - 05:58 PM

Hello everyone, I just got a Big Bad Bow yesterday and I decided to mod it with a coupler. However, I am not really sure which barrel to use and thought I could ask you experts. I did read on the "Darts and Barrel" forum and it says to use tight barrel for spring pistol and loose barrel for pump weapons. I am confused because the BBB is not a pistol or a pump gun. I have CPVC,PVC and PETG and I know I can nest PETG inside my PVC pipe. I have the foam from hereticorp(mile high black foam) that fits PETG and the red foam from mod man(on Ebay) which fits CPVC. Therefore, I can use any kind of barrels. If I miss any facts you need to know to answer my question then please leave a comment.