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Over-hand Cocking Mechanism

20 November 2008 - 08:48 PM

Ok theres not much to describe but this is my first write-up. So here I go!

Posted Image

Ok So I started out with my newest NF. It has a cpvc barrel 2 O-rings and a stretched spring

Posted Image

Then I took a peice from the Loading Indicator on the LS and hot glued it on the pullback handle

Posted Image

Then hot glue 2 peices of LS front gun extesion barrel to the circular part with the nerf symbol

Posted Image

Then reinforce the peice of plastic on the pull back handle with a peice of plastic from the sights of the front gun extesion of the LS

Posted Image

Then cut 2 lengths of cpvc about as long as it shows in the picture

Posted Image

Then Hot glue a magstrike bladder cover peice to the ends of the cpvc

Posted Image

then put the cpvc through the barrel pieces and pull back and push forward and there you go. And if it's not working the right way hot glue stefans head out to get it to push farther.

Bye B)

My Nf 1st Gen.

31 October 2008 - 11:19 PM

Posted Image

Posted Image

Name: Abbie

Mods: spring replacement, cpvc barrel, paint job and dual O-rings.

Description: My NF is a first gen. and I named it Abbie because yes that's who my crush is and yes I love my NF too.

Qusetons? Comments? Flames? And it would be cool if some other of you people posted your NF's down below.

Recon W/ Sm3k(new Style-blue) Internals

25 October 2008 - 11:26 PM

So my friend gave me his broken recon and I bought a broken sm3k from my brother and one day I decided to put them together and what do ya get? The Recon3k I couplered(not sure if I spelled that right) it and plugged the pump. With about a 6'' .5'' cpvc barrel I get ranges from 70' to 80' flat. But there is one thing I couldn't fix on the 3k, it leaks out the air release. So this is basically a pump right when you want to shoot weapon. and I was just thinking, ya know how on steam engines a crank turns around a wheel and and the piston moves back and forth in the cylinder I was thinking you could do that to pump-guns by attaching a handle to the wheel and thus moving the pump back and forth. anyway just an Idea. Go to this link to see what Im talking about http://en.wikipedia....e_in_action.gif

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16 August 2008 - 03:28 PM

The What: NDNO
The Who: ? ? ?
The When: September 13th or14th take your pick, 2008
The Where: Jefferson West park[also called orange or rainbow park] 5th AVE S Fargo ND 58103
The How: See "Rules" below
Starting: 11am, on the dot
Ending: 6pm or when we feel like it
Lunch: Bag lunch preferred



The rules are there r no rules.....No just kidding we might play zombie or we will just play and if we get shot we go back to spawn This is my first war im trying to plan and I need 6+ people to say theyre coming or else i will probalbly just cancel it Banned guns: plugged big blasts and plugged titans singeled titans might be allowed as long as no one gets shot at close range 2'' Stefans will be sold there and maybe some modded guns too. So terll me if you can come and if you want it on saturday or sunday and i will go by the most votes to decide the final date. So I hope you can come! here is the link to the here is the link to the youtube commercial

Ndst North Dakota State Tournement Nerf War

13 August 2008 - 10:41 PM

This isnot an active thread no more so go to