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In Topic: Over-hand Cocking Mechanism

20 November 2008 - 10:10 PM

Causing friction on the plunger rod and turning a simple side arm into an obscure mess. Hm.

I really hope this was supposed to be cosmetic, if it's supposed to be practical or useful, you should get your head checked.

you dont glue the handle on to the charging handle. If u read it does not say to do that. Or did you just look at the last picture and assume that.

In Topic: Modding Styles

20 November 2008 - 12:41 AM

I was browsing WAY back in the forums a few days ago, and I came to an old topic about modding styles of the time. I thought some of the responses were pretty cool, so here's the question: What's your style of modding? Do charge blindly in, swinging blindly with blunt instruments like CaptainSlug (Haha :lol: ), or do you plan every detail out from the start Mission Impossible style?

As for me personally, I'll plan enough to give myself a general idea of what I want to achieve, then simply go for it and improvise on the way. Its worked out pretty well for me so far.

I veiw what I want done in my head then try and make it work, in a more descriptive way of how I do things is that sometimes I can can just see it and get it done but other times I go through price checks and quickly sketch what I want to do.

P.S. thanks aetherguy881

In Topic: What Inspired You To Nerf...

10 November 2008 - 10:57 PM

I got a NF (a heck of a long time ago then bought a RFR(my brother brke that) and then LS and thought it was THE BOMB un tils I figured out outside it sucked some nerfy balls. Then one day I looked up "nerf modification" on the good old youtube and found ice(uin13)'s vids and got hooked on this thing called NERF

In Topic: Switch Shot Ex-3

06 November 2008 - 10:26 PM

That just gave us a new kind of integration idea. Im talking about the gun modual. Is it possible to attah some wire to where the trigger is supposed to be? :)

In Topic: My Nf 1st Gen.

02 November 2008 - 02:01 AM

Your pics are a bit small and hard to see but the paint job still looks good. Also If anyone wants to show off theres there mom in a sluty outfit please do.

Umm... yeah please don't no one wants to see that action.