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Fury Fire Not Rotating

21 December 2009 - 10:29 PM

So I took my Fury Fire apart to mod. I got the AR's out and put the turret back together. I do have more plans for it but not unless I can fix it. I can't get it to rotate. I get all the pieces in, as per internal pictures. I pull the trigger without the shell on and it rotates fine. Put the shell on and nothing happens when I pull the trigger (besides the gun fires). What am I doing wrong?

Airtech 3000 Revolver

08 May 2007 - 09:21 PM

Ok, coming into this mod I really was kicking myself for singling one of my At3k's only to have the other one break. I need some more rate of fire, and I just got my shipment of OMC's PETG in, and I got home early from work so I decided to do this.

Materials Needed:
2 Feet of your barrel material of choice (Preferably PETG)
4" of a less wanted barrel material(or something similar)
1 Pen barrel, the white plastic kind that are easy to take apart
1 Elastic
1 CPVC coupler
Hot glue
Electrical tape
Plumber's Goop(optional)

Tools Needed:
Hot glue gun
Needle nose Pliers
Barrel cutting device

This mod assumes that you have already singled your Airtech, and removed all of the turning crap.

1. Goop your CPVC coupler to the airtank, preferably centered on the air outlet.
Posted Image

2. Tug on the metal rod that held your turret on, as to extend it from its hidey hole but not to pull it out. Put some hot glue in one end of your pen barrel and shove it on the metal rod, still holding the rod out. You want to get as much pen on the rod as possible.
Posted Image

3. Cut your barrel material into four 6" pieces, and depending on what barrel you're using wrap one end in electrical tape so it will fit snugly in the coupler.

4. Sit one of your barrels and your "less wanted barrel material" on a flat surface parallel each other. Put hot glue in the crack between the tubes and smear it around. Do this on both sides of all four barrels, doing ones adjacent to the first one last. You should end up with this:
Posted Image
Posted Image

5. Take your elastic, and put it inbetween the barrels, on the inner piece so it has two barrels on either side of it. Stretch it with your hand like so:
Posted Image
And put it over and to the back of the pen barrel like this:
Posted Image

6. Slip your barrel assembly over the pen and you're done! You may want to add support to your coupler in the form of tape so it doesn't wobble around.

More pictures:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Firing three darts
Posted Image

Small Blowgun

02 March 2007 - 09:42 PM

I know blowguns are not new, but I believe I've found a method of making them more compact. I made one today which would be perfect for assassins or last resort backup that was only about a foot long, but I bet it could be made to be smaller. It is extremely simple, as blowguns are, so I don't believe pics are needed. What I did was took a regular crayola(not roseart) barrel and stuck the small end in a 8" sch80 pvc nipple. The dart goes in the crayola and there you go. I didn't measure my ranges but I estimated around 50', since from the wall at one end of my basement to the other was 65' and the darts were dropping at around 15' short of the wall. Can't get pics now though because that sch80 is now in my EaB, but I'd be glad to draw you a picture :huh: . Questions/comments?

Longshot Commercial

08 October 2006 - 11:12 PM

Just found it. About equally as lame as other nerf commercials, minus dart tag. That one is sweet. :(

Longshot Commercial

Airtech 3000 Check Valve Fix

01 September 2006 - 08:54 PM

Before I start, I'll put some words for search purposes: at3k 3k blown broken


How I fixed mine was I took the glue off the pump just to be sure, and put a downstream check valve I took off a water gun. They should be really easy to find, and I'll post a picture of it right away. It looks like it's gonna work once I goop it up, because the only place it was leaking underwater was at the joints to be gooped.
Posted Image
The brownish plastic thing is the actual check valve and the clear stuff to the right of it is 1/4" vinyl and the clear stuff to the left of it is vinyl that was already on the water gun that the check valve came from.