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Top 5 Favorite Worst Movies Ever

28 June 2007 - 04:53 PM

Inspired by the top 5 movies thread, I am curious what everyone thinks are the worst movies?

Not the boring type of bad movies, but the ones you love to make fun of. These movies should by enjoyable to watch, but you know it is nothing close to a quality film.

Withou further ado, my list:

1. Wild Zero- Most wacky ass japanese movie ever. It is a rock zombie horror film, and the main character's name is Ace. What the crap?
2. Versus- The ending made me freak out hysterically and have all sorts of convulsions that can not be classified as normal. This movie does not get the number one spot, because it got bogged down in the middle and was not a 100% extreme awesome suck-fest.
3. Plan 9 from outer space- of course I am going to mention this movie, Ed Wood is an idiot. But it was an awesome laugh fest.
4. Total Recall
5. Escape from LA

Honorable Mentions: Red Dawn, Red Steel, Point Break, Escape From NY, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, any Fast and Furious Movie

Sm1500 Pump Replacement?

18 June 2007 - 09:51 AM

So MY SM1500 had a broken pump, so after trying to fix it, I threw it out. Are there any good pump replacements for the 1500? I have tried an AT2k pump, and that did not work.

Se Let's Get Something Going

12 June 2007 - 04:49 PM

Started main thread over at Nerfhq, because that's where most of the South Easters are.


But, I am going to post here, to see if there is anybody here.

The southeast is a freakin nerf desert.

That needs to be changed.

I nerf with my friends, and 3 of them actually own guns and started nerfing way before me. Think Nerf Online days. Except 2 of those aren't very dependable people any more.

Anyways, I am tired of being left out of the East coast nerf because I live in the South East.

I'm probably speaking to an empty audience, but maybe someone will reply.

2 At2ks And A Bbb

05 June 2007 - 04:39 PM

Posted Image


This is just a standard BBB mod, but with 2 airtech 2000's on top. The 2 airtech 2k's use pvc as a coupler for 9/16 petg.

I stumbled upon doing this by accident. I wanted 1 AT2k on my bbb, but I didn't want the goop thing on. So I took my broken AT2k (the pump was broken, the check valve was good) and cut off the goop thing to see what was inside. Well, I found out that there is nothing inside the air chamber, it's just a plastic container (no big news).
So I gooped some vinyl tubing into a hole (after dremiling and cleaning out) in the air tank.

Posted Image

I only had a T-coupler quick fit ocupler so I decided to have 2 at2ks with one pump. I soon found out that when you release one airtnak you release all of the air. That means one is able to get almost twice the range out of one at2k. But, I wanted two shots. So I added in a Check valve onto one side.

Posted Image

This means that if I release the air in the tank on the right, I have 2 shots. But if I release the tank on the left, I get one big shot.


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Maxshot Questions

05 December 2006 - 05:29 PM

Hi, I recently bought 3 maxshots off amazon, and have questions about them because I can't find these in threads.

1. I saw in cx's mod, he glued a piece of plastic into that notch, to change the cocking mechanisism. How exactly do you have to do it, and do you have to do it to both sides? Also, does this affect the stability of the gun?
2. If I don't do anything else to it, does it need to be reinforced? If so, how?