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Calgary area nerfers

21 June 2011 - 05:57 PM

So as some of you may know I've returned after a long hiatus from nerf, I'm just curious what the state of nerfers is like in the Calgary/southern Alberta area and if there's any interest in having a war this July ish.

Calgary/ West Canada War?

17 January 2009 - 12:02 AM

So Ive looked around the boards and recently it seems like there is more and more canadian nerfers as well as some on the West coast. I'm making this thread to gather people from the Calgary area and possibly get some wars going on up here, the U.S. shouldn't get all the fun. Anyways if you could make it to a War in calgary or somewhere nearby post here and maybe we can get together and do something in the spring/summer depending on how long this weather lasts.

Currently there are a only a few people that i know of nearby however I hope the list grows...anyways:

j@k3 n3rf3r
Killim spree

Element of Nguyen


If there is anyone out there, send me a pm or post in this thread and maybe we can get a more established nerf group in Calgary.

Vinyl Tubing Bonding

14 January 2009 - 07:51 PM

Ok so my 2k check valve got fucked, I realized though that a magstrike pump fits almost perfectly over top of a 2k pump, so i cut the check valve end off of my extra magstrike pump and jammed it over the end, however I need to connect the ends of the tubing (magstrike pump to 2k goo gauge tubing) So what would be the best way to do this? I've been thinking of using those barbed tubing connectors however I cant find any in near me, if you know where let me know.

Air Tank Smoke

31 December 2008 - 05:07 PM

So I was able to fix my sm750 and I was doing some range testing, after the shots I noticed that there was white smoke lingering in the barrel, I did several searches but found nothing. I tried other air guns and my at3k was doing the same thing. Is this smoke harmful or mean anything?

Sm750 Problems

30 December 2008 - 12:55 AM

So I recently got a SM750 old version and I was modding it, I gave it a 6 inch PETG barrel and plugged the pump, there were 2 small leaks where the pump tube connects to the tank so I sealed those up. I pumped it and shot it twice before i put it back together and it was working fine, however when I screwed together and tried to shoot it problems arose. I pumped it 44 times and it made tiny noise of air shooting out the tank. soon after it wasn't pumping properly, i would pump it but the pump would shoot out half-way when i pushed it forward nothing really happened as soon as i let go it would shoot out again. I figured there was either a leak or a broken check valve, I filled up my sink and pumped it but no leaks came up. then I thought it was a problem with the check valve so i removed all the hot glue from the pump hoping it would get the check valve working again, but that didn't work either, now I'm here and I've got an old rare fucked up gun upstairs and Im rather discouraged, is it possible to fix this or am I totally screwed?