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In Topic: Springers or Flywheels?

26 October 2018 - 05:30 PM

I'm an older nerfer, and I'll never stray from the springers and air blasters. That said, the flywheel revolution that has occurred has its benefits. Flywheels are fairly easy to modify if you have a soldering iron and know how to use it, parts like motors, batteries, and wire will need to be ordered, but there's many options available now. Springers are easier to upgrade with a basic set of tools and parts from the hobby or hardware store.

The other thing to consider is the difference of play style. High rof flywheel blasters work well for getting in to action and dumping foam in mass. This means you're going to require a lot of mags, and some way of holding them on your person.

Springers are generally slower in rof, this requires a bigger focus on accuracy, and making your shots count. This is offset by usually having a lighter load as spare mags aren't as critical, or not needed at all, depending on the blaster.

It sounds like you've got a good choice of entry level blasters, so now it's a matter of getting to games and learning what works for you.

In Topic: Vancouver Island Nerfers?

07 February 2018 - 05:06 PM

Sorry for the necro guys, but I want to help. There's a decently active community here in Vancouver. Check out B.C. Nerf Alliance on Facebook, that's the group where we do all our way discussion. Obviously it's a bit of a quiet time right now, but summer we have games probably once or twice a month.

In Topic: NDA Exclusive! New 2013 Nerf Mega Centurion

05 March 2013 - 08:52 AM

I'm not sure why you guys took the OP super seriously when he posts gems like this:

Being an excited preteen is one thing; having 0 critical reasoning ability is another. A key to not being a scrub at real life is to find the small nuggets of truth in the piles of bullshit.

I have to agree with this, I've been modifying nerf guns for several years and I've found that 100% of the time, removing the faux barrel increases range. As for rifling, there is no way you could get the foam to expand enough to grab any grooves while still having enough power to heave the barrel. The reason rifling works in real guns is because the heat expands the bullet and it grabs the grooves. If the barrel isnt detachable, it's nothing a hacksaw can't fix.

In Topic: Roughcut Turret Trouble

24 February 2013 - 10:26 PM

I've also had issues with mine, i removed the posts now the first two shots are regular strength but the rest decline in power to the point where the last two rarely even fire. I think it's an issue with how the cap things that determine the barrel seal with the barrels. Not sure how to fix it so I'll probably just directly attach a double barrel system to each plunger, maybe integrate something in the empty space...

In Topic: Strongarm AR Removal

23 February 2013 - 11:40 PM

Saw this in a Walmart today, would love to get my hands on a few for a rebarreling and upgraded spring, an 80' "maverick" wouldn't be shabby at all.