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22 January 2019 - 12:28 PM

I have an infinus that Im having issues with. I threw instructions of course. I wired in parallel to the stock battery a xt60 plug to run a 4 cell sub c NiCd pack and ran that on its own. So the voltage is 5.3ish off charger. I tried the blaster and seemed to fire ok maybe a little less boggy then stock. Now the issue is Ill use auto load feature and it will load a few and then stop. No led light push dart load switch wont start feeder flywheels wont rev. It wont cycle when you remove drum. You open and close jam door and it cycles and you can fire. Then same thing load a few and shut down. I then tried on alkaline without nicd and worked fine at 6.1v. So Im wondering if anyone knows does the blaster shit down with low voltage since 4 alkaline would likely never get much below 5v and thats why it works a few and quits loading. Firing with a loaded clip works fine on nicd just loading mech

Understanding batteries?

02 January 2019 - 10:54 AM

Ok so I need some help on batteries?


I have watched a ton of videos on modding nerf blasters and done a few up.  I have yet to take the plunge into a battery pack, but I have rewired a bunch with heavier wire and removed the PTCs, the unecessary safeties and the junk off the motors.  This made a bit of a difference on performance.  Now I noticed my rapid strike fires way better after bypassing the limited revup that was limited to get full rev now on the rev trigger.


So I am trying to work on figuring out some battery options.  I don't need or want to go lipo.  I thought a nimh pack but still 7.2v is going to bump up performance some and I play with my kids inside and don't want them to not want to play any more.  I am basically sick of buying batteries.  So then I thought rechargeable batteries but I tried a few and it worked ok, there was a slight performance drop with the lower voltage vs alkalines.  I did just get some D cell adapters that allow you to use two AA in parallel for more capacity.  I might try this.  Then I got to looking at packs.  I found some 6v packs but most are rated at 2000mAH and are simply 5 AA cells fused together.  I could easily adapt something similar in the larger battery trays but am wondering will a simple pack offer more true amps of discharge than running 5 AA rechargables which is in sense the same as the pack except the added resistance of the springs in the holders.  Or am I missing something and a 2000mAH 5 cell AA pack will  offer more true amps than regular good quality 2000+mAH rechargeable AAs.  I don't want to buy a pack and have it be the same as I have now.  


I did try a 9.4 or 9.6v pack I had and that ramped up the guns but again I don't want to use that because I don't want to make my kids not want to play and I figured by the time I used rectifying diodes to drop my voltage down I could just as well get a different pack or use other batteries.



More current or more voltage.

24 December 2018 - 08:12 AM

I just finished rewiring an ecs12. I did 16awg and removed all the safeties and the circuit boards from the motors and the small trace circuit board in the blaster. Now I just hooked up the battery pack for the camera after disconnecting it from the camera that I never used. I hooked the other pack up in series and used 3 dummy aa batteries to up my voltage to roughly 7v using alkaline batteries. Now Im second guessing would it be better to wire the other pack in parallel to double the mAH capacity of the blaster and hopefully reduce the motor drop off when shooting? I was thinking 8aa batteries would offer decent mAH for a semi auto blaster. Just dont know if its worth it to open the blaster back up and redo the wiring to the battery packs. I know a LiPo would be better but dont need the highest performance just looking for a bit more and dont want to mess with LiPo dont like the risk of battery explosion and stuff if not wired right and dont have the proper safeties when my kids use these guns. Just looking to get a bit more umph out of the stocking blaster.

Selectable voltage

19 December 2018 - 01:12 PM

Hi guys,


I am new here and read through the awesome article on here about modding a rapidstrike.  I have recently gotten back into nerf which I used to love as a kid now being 27yrs old and have 2 daughters I recently got back into it and am finding it more fun as an adult!  I recently acquired a awesome deal on a bunch of used blasters and decided to mod at least one and see how it goes.  I have a rapid strike that I removed the jam door switch and the mag switch from.  I just recently found the dart zone article that goes into detail on how to rewire with heavier wire, and a heavier switch utilizing the stock motors.  I would like to do this but see two issues.  One being I love the modded gun for speed and power but sometimes I would like to dial it back for when playing inside with the kids vs outside at extended ranges.  My thought was maybe utilize all the mods he does minus the lipo and see where I am with the stock c batteries but I am not sure if I want to go through all that work and have it slightly better vs awesome running a lipo.  So my next thought was ask on here if anyone has ever added almost a selector switch that when flipped into one position used a resistor to knock down current to the blaster and reduce some of the performance so you could slide the rocker to one position and have a resistor wired in with the battery voltage to knock down your voltage and current some to slow down the motors.  If so would someone point me in the right direction or if anyone knows what size resistor I would need to accomplish near stock performance with those mods I would appreciate it.