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In Topic: Understanding batteries?

07 January 2019 - 07:03 AM

Thanks for all the help guys.


I ended up remembering I had an old drill laying around with the old NICD battery packs.  So I opened it up and it had some 1300 mAH sub c nicd cells.  So i decided to take it apart and solder together 5 cells to stick with stock voltage.  On my rapid strike I wired in a connector and man that thing rips.  Off the charger the battery is 6.6v or so and it doesn't slow down at all even when emptying a 30rd drum.  Sometimes it jams and just will pull through which is not so good but doesn't slow flywheels at all really.  I am really happy.  It works well.  I also tried it in my stock infinius by removing the batteries and putting some adapters from D to AA in there that I soldered on some leads on the internal posts so the battery converters went in place of batteries and had leads so I could hook the pack up.  This was all stock and it made a decent improvement.  This is what I was looking for it doesn't have the shoot down that normally happens on full auto.  Thanks for all the help.  These are not as crazy as the other builds but for my situation it works awesome.  And the battery pack seems to have fair life.  I have fired 4 30rd drums, 10-18 round mags and still going strong.  Now to find a good 6v charger which I talked with a local hobby RC store and they said they have one that works with lipo, nimh, nicd and multiple voltages so would allow me to buy one charger and if I upgrade down the road it will work for that and anything else I get.




EDIT: Last night I still thought the gun fired a bit hard for inside after some more testing and decided to try dropping a cell to 4 cells.  Put me a little over 5v fresh off charer.  Tried that and blasters fire good, fire a small amount harder than stock.  Does bog some on the infinus that is all stock inside in long full auto bursts but doesn't shoot down near as bad.  Found a sweet charger that charges to my voltage and any kind of battery and will cycle discharge.  So thinking I am going to go with this route.  Plus the 4 cell packs fit in stock battery slots and I am going to make some simple connections so I can swap between regular alkalines or these rechargeable packs that are homemade.  I think better/larger and newer cells might reduce shoot down and also removing maybe the PTC on the infinus might help but that beast don't want to tear into since it is so complicated.  My rapidstrike doesn't fire down just fires a little harder than stock, which no chrono but just from shooting it is a small improvement but not too much.  I may post some pics if I ever get the cool battery trays done.

In Topic: Understanding batteries?

03 January 2019 - 01:06 PM



So many decisions.  So my AA batteries didn't pan out tried them in my demolisher and ECS12 and decreased performance noticeably from even regular alkalines.  So fortunately I now have some AA rechargeables to use around the house.


I contemplated taking the camera tray wiring in series and add a 5th battery rechargeable to get me to the stock 6v and use 3 dummies which would not be a problem but that would not be possible on the demolisher without adding an external battery tray.


So now I am back to a pack.


After seeing your guys thoughts I am kind of thinking a 7.2v sub c pack around 3000mah which should suffice.  The only thing I worry is that this pack will obviously supply me with more than enough current for stock motors but with the increased current due to my rewires and the better battery I worry the blasters will shoot too hard for kids and indoors.  I like the NIMH pack because I was just going to make a box that I can velcro or zip tie to the blasters since they are relatively safe batteries.  How much of an increase in FPS would I see on the demolisher, rapidstrike, and ecs 12 with a 7.2v sub c pack?  I have upgraded all the wiring to 16 or 18awg in the semi's and left stock switch for rev and stock motors but removed clip switches and jam door switches and all the stuff from the motors and any PTCs.  


Also I have an infinius that I bought would the 7.2v destroy the loader mechanism stuff?  I don't want to mess with the internals on that blaster because after looking online it looks super super complicated and I may just remove the stuff off the motor but I don't want to burn out the internals using a better battery.



In Topic: Understanding batteries?

02 January 2019 - 05:35 PM

What about something like this Tenergy NiMH Receiver RX Battery with Hitec Connectors 6V 2000mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack for RC Airplanes/RC Aircrafts and More https://www.amazon.c...i_GXtlCbA1SHYHE

In Topic: Understanding batteries?

02 January 2019 - 02:50 PM

Yeah I don't want to mess with lithium batteries due to my children using the blasters.  I will maybe mess around with adding aa (cell) rechargeable NIMH batteries if 4 is not enough.  I was just curious because I see some NiMH say sub c so that just means more available current due to the larger cells.  I know Lipos use the c rating which is nice but NiMH don't use any rating like that that I have seen.  


And yes all of my blasters are stock motors, stocks switches, not wanting to burn too much up.  I just removed some of the resistance by using larger wire, removing some safeties, and removing as many circuit boards as possible and more direct wire the blasters.  And I did notice some slight improvements in the blasters.  


Thanks for the help, I will maybe just do something similar and make a RC style pack just using my rechargeable AA batteries.  I am running energizer ones that are rated at I think 2100mAH and have high reviews and they seem to be pretty decent.  

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27 December 2018 - 08:16 AM

Thanks for the help. I was having issues with my rapidstrike and found the stock c batteries were weak. Put new ones in and it rips compared to stock after safeties and ptc and motor board removal and wiring with 16awg. I got some rechargeable aa batteries I might try with spacers since this thing must eat batteries and leave blaster alone until my kids get a bit bigger then maybe upgrade to a bigger pack and better switches. Nice part is the wiring is done just need a battery connector and mount a rev switch and wire. So Im hoping the rechargeable aa batteries offer the same performance even if they die faster I can recharge. The blaster is not near LiPo performance but for me it performs awesome for indoor home battles especially when new batteries. I couldnt figure out why pusher kept sticking and turns out low batteries. Haha. It would jam a dart and stick. And as soon as I put new battery in the pusher retracted before getting tray even screwed in.

Thanks for the help.