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Double Rhino Fire turret

15 October 2018 - 01:38 PM


I recently found 2 rhino fires at a salvation army, plus a nice camera stand, all for very cheap. So I decided I want to attempt a crazy turret with 2 rhino fires. I've only modded 1 flywheel blaster so far, so I know this might be a little daunting lol. But I just opened up 1 of the rhino fires and discovered that the motors are dual shaft so even though there is 4 flywheels there is only 2 motors. My original plan was to use a MTB honeybadger for the pusher motor and upgrade the flywheel motors too, running them on a 2s lipo. But if I can't change out the flywheel motors is that going to be an issue? I did find a couple double pole motors when I googled it, but they seem to run on very low voltage which I don't think will work. If anyone has any advice how to proceed I would greatly appreciate it? I don't mind using the stock flywheel motors if that will work. Thanks in advance for advice/feedback :)