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In Topic: Moddel 2 Stefans

10 October 2008 - 11:04 PM

VACC dispenses great wisdom.

(start of cock sucking) Dude, he's Vacc, he pisses wisdom in the morning. (end of cock sucking)

My friend thinks that the rifling in the longshot's barrel helps accuracy, I nearly died laughing.

I think that VACC was the one who said that the ribbing in the LS barrel was for her pleasure. I'm still laughing.


In Topic: Chaos

10 October 2008 - 10:24 PM

Yay! Chimera variations! I love it!

I live 20 minutes from Fenix, so I was one of the first few to try it, and they're the fucking best. They're a great design, I completely agree that everyone should try to build one. Leaving it unplugged is smart though, having them be battle-legal is important.

And while I'm here, I gotta say that using the Titan barrel was a great idea. It looks awesome with that in the front, and everything telescoping out in the front gives it a nice, slanted frame. A little bit less visible glue would be nice, but from how you hold it it seems like you wouldn't be able to see much of it.


In Topic: Moddel 2 Stefans

10 October 2008 - 10:13 PM

Listen, fool. Rifling has been proven not to work with Nerf guns. Even if it did, your idea would do nothing to make the dart spin, and would probably throw off the dart's balance. Additionally, it is way too much work. You have no idea what you're talking about.

I'm just wondering, is there someone making you do this whole process? I'm just posting an idea of mine that I believe is good. I know that rifling works better for higher powered nerf guns, and goes down with lesser power. But maybe some of us like this exrta work. Especially when no new mods are out and we have nothing to do. Now if you have to do everything posted on nerf haven please PM me and I'll never post again, but I just want to get my ideas out to the public. It also gets me mad when people blow off ideas because the have been "proven". If they actually have I'm fine with that but come on, I have the right thought procces and logical thinking about this right? This is at least halfway credible right? Besides, I'd bet you it's easier than it looks.(With the exception of making the moddel for the dart head.)

Whoa, whoa, off of your soapbox now. For someone who's trying to assume a non aggressive position on all of this, you're being rather aggressive. This is how flame wars stop, quit while you're ahead.

In any event, did you search for previous threads on this? Because I know there's been one or two in the past, which have been shot down for the same reason that this one is - because it's completely unnecessary. Darts work surprisingly well when made well as is, not much improvement is really needed.

I hate just shooting down ideas, so I'll bite. Do you KNOW that it works? Post some pictures, god forbid a video of such comparisons. This is a new way of making darts that many people don't believe in, and if you've found results that are worth the effort, then by all means, post them! I'd actually like to know whether this works, it's interesting. But post some test results! If it doesn't work as well as you've hoped, ask for possible tips on improving it. Don't just come on here with a new idea and expect everyone to like it immediately; there's got to be some discussion on a DISCUSSION board, and discussion is about the exchange of possibly conflicting ideas. But I digress.

Know that you're completely right - the nerfing community's content production is going down. There is, on the whole, less innovation and new content per se. New ideas are always good, but just be willing to take what people say here.


In Topic: Apoc #7 Reaction Thread

02 August 2008 - 09:58 PM

Being the biggest war I've ever been to, Apoc was a blast for me. Sure, we dicked around a bit, but we still kicked a lot of ass. 50+ rounds were Effeminate, we fought through the rain, the new/young kids kicked ass, I'm sore tonight, probably tomorrow too. Mission accomplished.

And yeah, thanks badger for unloading your arsenal. That was great stuff.


*Edit* Yeah, no problem bio. Though you did rub like half the paint off of the handle. :) No harm done.

In Topic: Spring Mano, Part 2

20 June 2008 - 11:40 PM

Just for a bump update, come at 10:00 or close to it! If you follow the road and look to the right you'll see us.