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Magazine Issue

23 July 2008 - 07:18 AM


Im in the process of making a bb gun but the idea can easily be fitted for nerf.

Im using brass with a compressor gun that when shot fires a bolt forward open a hole thus releasing the air and therefore shooting the porjectile. I didnt design the idea but have modified it to suit my needs. The original design was found on spud files but once i finish the whoel thing i will post pictures.

Anyway. The issue im having at the moment is the mag. I have a breech at the top which is proving to be a hassel as i want to add a shell to the gun leter giving it an MP5 type look. MP5's do not use a gravity fed mag and therefore a massive mag hanging out the top such as found on the bren gun does nto appeal.

I have currently thought of a p90 type style where i can fit the mag on the top of the gun without beign an eye sore and then make a fake mag well etc to replicate the mp5. The problem i think i will face however is fitting the rounds into the mag without jamming. The image below shows you my idea to try to solve the jamming issue by using an angles piece to load into the breech. This means that the spring can feed the rounds up however with the pressure faced on the rounds it will hit the angled piece and just force it to travel along without being caught.

This however can cause problems in itself as if the angle is not right or the round is too top heavy it will fall head first and jam anyway.

Anyway forumn open to comments and suggestiosn please.

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Bows And Arrows

18 May 2006 - 01:27 AM

I was looking a making a crossbow (just for fun) and was wondering what type of material i could use for the bow part. I got everything else figured out for now but will probally stumble across other problems. I know that a bow can use wood or carbon firbe but i just want something cheap, simple and powerful. If one of you suggests wood could you please tell me what type and how i should go about making it "elastic". Thank you.


29 March 2006 - 01:59 AM

Hey all

First: As far as i know this type of question can be put in this topic section but if i shouldnt post about this stuff just tell me.

My mate and I have just discovered how to make gunpowder along with other neat stuff. The delema weeve been having is how to like it without using frikin sparkalars or lighters. What my question is, is there a simple way to make a CHEAP ignitor that can be continually used with minimal sacrafictioal parts (ie. dont have to keep buying new parts). Ive tried hooking up a fine piece of wire to a a 12 volt battery but didnt really work.

Now this is only for those with a great deal of knowledge on the topic and not really that important. Does anyone no how to make (use this word VERY LOOSLY) High Explosives. Basically something that doesnt need compression and can just be lite and thats that. I dont want anything to complex as still new to the concept.

Please dont get shitty with me for asking ive looked on the net and thought that nerfhaven would be great as it is full of people with lots of ideas and several with solutions to them.

Air Rifle

10 February 2006 - 01:43 AM

I was thinking of making a proper .177 air rifle/bb gun or whatever you want to call it and have come to a problem.

I know what my basic design will be and how it will fire but how can i load the ammo in and make it semi-auto. Ie. i got a valve that will be semi-auto but how will the ammo load after each shot. I was thinking of having it like a revolver but how can i make it turn the barel to align up a new pellet? Or could i just have a mag so after each shot it just advances into the barel? (or do i need to but it in shells)


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06 January 2006 - 10:37 PM

Firstly i was woundering if nerf discs are allowed in wars and do people use them?
Secondlly dose anyone have any ideas on how to make one that works really well? I just want ideas so i can put them together with what i think and make one. I was thinking along the lines of turning it into a machine gun as such.

For those who cant understand what im going on about i am talking about guns that use two little plates that spin around and there is a gap between the two that when a foam disc is pushed between the plates the plates push the disc out.
If i could get a really powerful motor i think it would be great because it would make a good rapid fire gun.

Also does anyone know if i could use darts instead of discs?