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Hammershot Leather Grip Pattern

18 April 2017 - 07:41 PM

I'm unknown because I lurk and allow all the truly talented engineers and hobbyists to teach me stuff. However, I was a little surprised to find I could not track a pattern for Leather-grips on the hammershot. I know it from Drac's.
I created these patterns using the painter's tape technique. That is:
1. Wrap tape where you would like leather.
2. Cut one seam with an exacto knife where you want it to lace.
3. Peel it off and use it on leather like a normal pattern.
4. Cut on a plastic cutting board with a sharp exacto knife (keeping fingers behind the blade).
5. Check fit.
6. Mark lace holes.
7. Punch lace holes and weave to handle working from top of grip down.  
For those less inclined to repeat that task, these are my grip patterns. They are slightly stylized on the top and bottom (see the picture for how they look on the hammershot). I was going to mark in lace punch-holes, but the spacing and size of those depends greatly on the lace you use. The lace in the photo wound up being too thick, so I have since bought a narrow lace. 
Anyhow, hope this post is useful and not clutter. I could not find a post about it with the search engine, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 
(The blaster is one of two for a friend of mine and my girl. The other says "Sorry", so combined they are "Sorry" "Not Sorry", as she has a tendency to apologize everytime she hits someone, haha. I will also be sewing holsters for them.)
Designed to be printed on regular office paper. Let me know if the sizing goes off with compression or something. I can modify the image. I tested a print and it still matched for me. I can also convert to PDF if that's more helpful.