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#359998 Hammershot vs Strongarm/Maverick

Posted by Bubba Longshot on 17 May 2017 - 10:23 PM

Honestly, all three are bad. The strongarm has slamfire and all, but mine broke easily leaving me very salty. The foam seal between the plunger and the cylinder fell during a war, and I was unable to fix it. I had to end up scrapping it... The Maverick is much better in terms of build quality, but the pathetic reverse plunger gets poor ranges. The Hammershot is cool and all, but I really don't like one hand prime blasters, and the cylinder makes it somewhat front heavy after a long battle.
Solution: Use a longshot and carry extra mags so a secondary is not necessary. 
Just kidding of course, I voted strongarm/maverick. 
P.S all of this was my opinion, feel free to disagree
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#359965 Tape/paper barrel theory

Posted by Bubba Longshot on 16 May 2017 - 06:42 PM

Ok, so I quickly made one.
I do not own a chronograph, but I have noticed a slight increase in range. The fit on the paper and the dart is looser than cpvc, and tighter then 9/16 brass; it is a twist fit. Now I'm curious if this would work in a magazine fed blaster...
pics: image.jpg image.jpg
Tests used two elite darts, and my modified Snapfire. Usually it gets ~50 flat, with the paper barrel it's ~55

Someone call me crazy, but it actually works in a mag fed system!! You just have to cut a small piece of the paper barrel off for it to feed properly.

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#359671 slugs and breech help

Posted by Bubba Longshot on 03 May 2017 - 05:41 PM

Woah, did you say that the diameter of the foam was one inch?! If so, then you're doing it totally wrong. The FBR is supposed to be 1/2 inch in diameter. Also, it looks like the washer that you used is too large.
For the actual breech, does the dart fit in the actual barrel? It doesn't matter if it sits well in the breech slot, it's if the dart can go into the actual barrel.
What breech system are you using? Normally breeches are made out of brass nested inside pvc.

By the way, it would be nice if you threw in some punctuation and spelling. I know this is not language class, but it would not kill you if you at least tried.


Edit: The diameter of the FBR is way too large. In relation to each of your keys of the keyboard, the foam is at least 1 inch in diameter. Also, the way that the dart sits in the breech tells me that too. A regular Nerf dart would not look that thick in 1/2 inch cpvc. Use 1/2 inch foam rods and make sure you're using 1/2 inch cpvc.
Just reread the dart making guide here on NerfHaven. I think that you should also try to solve your own problem first, then asking it on the Haven. Your issue is simple; it's either the dart or the barrel. Figure it out.
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