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Magazine pouches, pockets or holsters th at suit the Worker 22 Banana

04 February 2017 - 11:59 PM

So at work, our nerf wars have begun an arms race of foam. Our IT Support team are packing more varied blasters and our IT developers are packing more tactical gear. Its interesting times as we are getting ready for an April HvZ.

My question to the nerf world is, do the Molle style FastMag double holders work for the 22s or just the 18s and below?

Modulus Recon Mk II OMW 1+2+Pump Action, is it possible?

26 January 2017 - 12:53 AM

I'm brand new to modding, but loving it so far, this fortnight I performed my first mod on my Modulus Recon Mk II.


I took it to a Nerf war at work and found a few issues with it chewing darts, so I've ordered the OMW stage 1 and 2 kits for the Retaliator, which I'm going to install into the Recon Mk2.


My question is... with the Orange Mod Works Stage 1+2 installed, is there a compatible pump action kit other than the Worker Mod Pump Action kit for Nerf Retaliator ?


The Sig Sauer MCX looks cool, but it doesn't look like it would work?