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In Topic: What Elite Alpha Trooper XD mod should I do?

21 March 2018 - 07:31 PM

I don't have the skill or materials for a brass breech and the internet wasn't helpful with showing me how to do it anyways. Is there any good springs for the alpha trooper maybe a upgraded catch spring to match the power of the upgraded spring??

In Topic: Hammershot Modification

19 March 2018 - 09:03 PM

How do I delete the post?

In Topic: Air Restrictor Mod For Nerf Flipfury

03 February 2018 - 09:33 AM

Thanks for the comments I will study up and see what I can do. Question does removing barrel posts help with air flow or fps? And if not what does it do?

In Topic: Air Restrictor Mod For Nerf Flipfury

01 February 2018 - 07:19 PM

Meaker First:The flipfury is not post elite it's zombie strike.



Second: I bought an orange mod works kit for the nerf flipfury and went through hell to install it. And it got me no performance boost so I emailed OMW and they said I had to move the air restrictors in order for the kit to work. Which to me sounded like a load of sh*t because I perpously paid for the kit to give me a performance boost without having to do this AR removal. But they say I need to do the AR removal to. So that's why i'm here I need a guide a video I need help!



Thanks, NerfBeginner16

In Topic: Good wills and Thrift stores in New York City

06 February 2017 - 01:07 PM

They sold me a blaster that had two price tags 2 dollars and 20 dollars they told me it was the 20 dollar price. I asked what the orignal price was somewhere else and they said 45. I paid it and went home it was a dart zone blaster that was a quick reload cylinder with 18 darts but it didn't come with the darts when i got it. When I got home I realized I was ripped off And that at target they were selling the same blaster with the 18 darts for 15 dollars brand new when mine came with 0 darts and wasn't brand new for 20 dollars. And remember they said the original price was 45 dollars. So telling me 45 dollars was a lie and the target price is actually 15 dollars brand new and with the darts and this good wills price is 20 dollars used without the darts. So they lied to me about the price and then when I called to complain there like: Were not really sorry we lied to you we can give you a store credit or we can take off money from the blaster that you paid for. I told her someone told me the original price was 45 dollars and she's like oh well thats targets old prices ours is half. And i'm like no targets price is 15 dollars less than yours and she's like well I don't know to bad. So I get my mom to go back there and speak to these jerk offs cause she has been shopping longer than me and knows a thing or two or something so she goes. And give me a call saying there manager was a stubborn little bitch and argued to her that she was wrong and didn't give her a lowered price on the blaster like the women over the phone said she would give. All the manager gave was a store credit. I just remember this blaster is called the: Dart Zone Legendfire. and thats my story of how a bunch of black people acted like stereotype sassy stealing black people its a shame that they were full of shit. Good Will more like Steal Will. Thats my story hope you liked it because I didn't.