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Xbow + Lb + Ms

16 August 2009 - 05:45 PM

I've actually been thinking about integrating a Lightning Blitz on my Xbow for like a year now, but just never thought it'd turn out good. After I saw Gear's I was convinced to do it.

Here's what you need:
-3 Salvo tanks
-SMDTB trigger
-6 Tubing connectors (really only need like 3, i'm just stupid)
-Pump of your choice
-Some PETG or something
-Glue, maybe?

Ok, so first make measurements by placing your LB basically on your Xbow to know where to cut. Then...cut?
Posted Image

Be sure to do it to both sides also.
Posted Image

Now glue it all together wih the glue of your choice. Here's what the internals should look like. Really, pretty simple to do.
Posted Image

Now, I was kinda bored. So I integrated something else as well. Get your pump tube and glue it where everyone else glues theirs. I used an SM1500 pump (I think) and a 2k pump.
Posted Image

Now, connect the pump with your working Marvelous salvo. Then glue the barrels down wherever you want.
Posted Image

Personally, I put the first two shooting ones on the left side, then the other on the right side.
Posted Image

The pump tube turned out a little crooked facing downards, so I just put some foam under it, cause I'm cheap like that and don't use plexiglass/ polycarbonate.

If you don't know how to make the Marvelous salvo, then... go figuire it out? I made a guide somewhere on this forum.

I like the gun I made, I don't really care if you don't. Everything get's pretty normal ranges. Xbow around 90. MS around 60-80. LB around 50-80. It's a pretty kickass gun. LB takes 15 or less to fill. MS takes 30 to fill. Then 8 after you shoot the first one.

Step bro's:
Posted Image

I don't think I'm forgetting anything, I probably am though. Ask questions if you want, or you can flame galore.

Oh yeah, btw thanks to Twitch for the idea to put the MS trigger where it is.


02 February 2009 - 10:53 PM

Over the last few months I've only been experimenting with air guns. Untill I found the Maxshot, I really disliked springers. Anyway, I was looking for a gun with good RoF and the MS has that. Then I just wanted to add something that gave it that extra umph. Originally I had planned to use an Arachnaphobia pistol under the maxshot but after 2 failed triggers, I gave up that. In the future I'll probably be adding a Marvelous Salvo to this thing, just to make it more beastly.

Here's the gun, pretty simple:
Posted Image

Basically just do everything like normal. Pump the LB while holding the handle of the LB and then pump. Prime the Maxshot the normal way. The LB also has a piece of velcro on the side of it. It's for a pencil that velcro's on to act as a thing to push the darts down the LB barrel. The barrels on both guns are solid, as in completely straight. Maxshot is hitting around 75 feet, but that was in 30 degree weather a couple weks ago. By summer it will be up more I'm guessing. The LB is around 60-70 feet as a shotgun spread.

Another pic:
Posted Image

I really only posted this because it was something unique and different. Also the fact that I haven't posted a mod in like 4 months. Anyway, like I said, I'll be getting a Marvelous salvo on there in the near future. Hope you enjoyed.

The Chilibow

23 August 2008 - 03:46 PM

I'm really exicted to finally have this gun up and working. I got this about 3-4 months ago and had to fix the plunger since it was snapped off. After finishing that I had to work on the guns seal. I used a LOT of e-tape and at first I had a GREAT seal. Believe it or not I was hitting ranges of 120ft with bungees. Although very quickly the e-tape had lost it's seal and I was getting ranges of maybe 10 ft. The next stage this gun went through almost took away the ability to be a true crossbow. I figuired I had a crap crossbow so I set to integrating guns, mainly the SM1500 and AT2k, into it. For some reason I could never get them to work without getting a leak so I gave up on it. Anyway, after many months of procrastination and other stuff/projects I finally set myself to fix my crossbow. I started with the seal and used FBR wrapped around the plunger head, next with a little e-tape over it to create a more air tight fit. Then with some silicone lube. The gun actually worked and it wasn't just barely getting out of the barrel. Ok, so some pics of the gun in it's current state.
Posted Image
Posted Image

I use a speedloader of two 6 in 9/16 brass barrels nested in PVC. The crossbow doesn't get amazing ranges like before but they are sufficient. I get around 65ft with no bungees. I'm expecting around 80-90ft with 2-4 mini bungees. Which reminds me I also added an industrial small trigger spring to the existing one. Where the original crossbow barrel is, is a SM750. I had originally thought of this a few months ago and did it, but my 750 sprung an unrepairable leak. I got another from serpent sn1per a few days ago and integrated it in. It's not in the best position, but it works for me. The ranges of it are around 70-80ft with 6 inches of PETG. I haven't tried this next thing out yet, but I saw Captain Slug put the gun on his +bow and I figuired why not. These Spider man guns are pretty good, I get around 40ft with them and it could creat an excelent backup. Before the SM gun I had a SM1500 in the usual place. Though, for me, it was too cumbersome and I didn't have enough space for "speedloading". Plus, I didn't want overkill either.

So that is the Chilibow.
Posted Image

Chili's Mav, Not Steampunk

10 August 2008 - 04:18 PM

Ok, so I really like like tiger "camo" paintjobs so I thought I'd try my hand at one. I had an old mav laying around so I thought I'd use that. This is what it turned into.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

I used basic Rustoleum camo paints. The base color is obviously, tan. I don't know if you can see but I used 2 different "stripe" colors. These consist of forest green and what looks like black, but it's actually a bit lighter.<--forgot name of. The priming handle, turret, and triger are all the forest green color to give an offset to the base, tan. Of course this gun has a few clear coats to protect the paint too. The only mods that have been done to this gun is the Russian Roulette mod and putting 2 pennies behind the spring. Later today or tommarow I'll probably make a vid on youtube showing the gun. As well as puting this sucker on ebay. Look for more mav's and other guns painted/modded by me with the same kind of style as I need some dough.

These pictures aren't in the best quality, but when I put it up on ebay I'll use an actual digital camera.
Any comments?

The Manta Star

23 July 2008 - 01:55 AM

My creative juices have really been flowing with alot of unique/special modifications I've been doing lately. So yesterday I saw Imaseolman's Arachnaphobia Pistols and I was in awe. I think he does some of the best and most creative mods on this site and I love pretty much all of them. Seeing his gun's just reminded me of how good the SMDTG/BS integration's are. Selling one, but still have one left I decided it was time for an integration. I was looking through my bunch of gun's and was thinking about what may need improvement and an increase in badassim. Most of my good guns would just look awkward with the integration on them except for one. The Manta 2k. This gun is good but having the bottom barrel crooked really only had me shooting one of the 2k's instead of both. I decided I needed to revamp the gun a little. So I added a SMDTG/BS integration to it.
Posted Image
Posted Image
The gun itself is a little less than 2 pounds, not heavy at all. On the right side, when seeing from the bottom, I put one BS barrel and the pump. The pump is on this side because I hold the gun with my right hand, making it easier to pump with it up by my arm, rather than it lower under my arm. The second barrel that would be fired is symetrical to the pump on the other side. The third barrel, symetrical to the 1st barrel. Just like imaseolman, I purposely did this. The first thing I did, actually, was to find out if the SMDTG trigger would be comfortable, which it is.
Posted Image
My thumb slides right on the detonator of the SMDTG and my other fingers barely touch it, if at all touch it. Well after perfectly installing the SMDTG/BS integration my next order of business was to fix the crooked AT2k barrel, which I did with epoxy putty while holding the barrel still. It's 100% straight but around 90%, plus it's the back up "gun" I use on the Manta. The tubing doesn't get in the way at all since my wrist slides under it. Since NerfCrazy and Falcon were giving me ideas for puting the trigger by my hand, I figuired I needed one there and having the SMDTG/BS worked out perfectly.

Ok, now the name? Well imaseolman named his original Arachnaphobia because he had 8 barrels and so do spiders, hence the name and being afraid of the gun/spiders. Well what animal/insect has 5 legs you ask? Well, none, unless something got amputated or a mutation but those don't count. A Starfish, which is a Echinoderm, has 5 "legs". My gun has 5 barrels, as well as a star has 5 ends or points.

I have no official ranges, it's almost midnight here. I'll get some tommarow. Based on my other guns and comparing them to it. I'd say both the AT2k's get around 70-90', with 5 pumps. The BS barrels probably get around 75' with 25 pumps. The pump I'm using is an AT2k pump. At 25 pumps it get's hard to pump. The great thing about the SMDTG/BS integrations is that you can pump it 25 times and fire off the first BS barrel. Then pump it maybe 5 more times and have the first barrel full again. Doing this really utilizes the integration. Getting to shoot one shot 75'+ while having 2 back up 75'+ shots is totally badass.

Questions, comments, flames?