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#356635 why this website was shut down/DDoS

Posted by zandercoronado on 05 November 2016 - 07:32 PM

First impressions are not very good of this website... most of the do-not's are just common sense. and it seems as though the admins are real pricks here. I came here looking for a nerf war in my town before winter... not to get banned and my facebook rep hurt. just look at all these rules. I mean... common sense people! heck some of these are stupid... like WTF.

  • DO NOT Post in threads that have been inactive for more than a few of weeks, unless you have a really good reason. (Even then, probably better to post a new thread)
  • DO NOT Post like you're in a chat room or sending a text message. (ie don't post ' u r a noob lol biggrin.gif ')
  • DO NOT Double post. Use the edit button if you need to add something, instead of posting twice in a row in the same thread.
  • DO NOT Post a 'which is best' thread, a 'what mods should I do to my [blaster]' thread, etc. Read the forums, make your own decision.
  • DO NOT Post Memes. Only Groove is allowed to post humorous images with embedded text, and photos of barely literate felines.
  • DO NOT De-rail a thread, drag the thread off topic, or get into a pointless argument.
  • DO NOT Post just to promote your nerf website or product. Especially do not plug a non-nerf site.
  • DO NOT back seat moderate. If you think someone is breaking the rules, use the report button in the bottom left corner of posts to report it to an admin (this feature only available to full members). If someone asked a question that could've been answered with a quick search, feel free to help them out and link them to the information.
  • DO NOT post from your cell phone/tablet unless you can do so with the same level of quality you can when using a computer. Posts with poor quality or bad grammar will not be excused because you are posting from a phone.  Don't say, "I'll add photos when I get home", wait until you get home to post in the first place.
  • DO NOT try to buy/sell anything outside of the trading forum. If your account doesn't have permission to post in the Trading forum, that means you haven't earned the privilege to buy/sell on the site yet.  This is not an excuse to post about buying/selling in other forums.
  • DO NOT Post in the Off-Topic forum unless you can follow These Guidelines.
  • DO NOT use obnoxious formatting (colors, bolded text, fonts, large text) unless it is necessary to make your post clear. These tags exist for conveying information and emphasis, not for artistic expression. See the Style Guide for details if you are not sure.
  • DO NOT post video-only content. Include photos and text in your posts.

I really hope you guys get shut down or DDoS again!
Thanks for your input!


Thoughtful feedback is appreciated, but we are under no obligation to provide anyone with a platform for disparaging this site or it's moderation team. Additional posts of this nature will result in the permanent removal of your posting privileges.  Since it is not necessary to post in order to search for nerf wars in your area, a suspension should not interfere with your search. 

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