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In Topic: nerfhaven threatens to shut down MY ISP?

06 November 2016 - 05:11 PM


Remzak mostly has it right but I'm going to offer some additional clarity. Your ISP has terms of service, which stipulates that if you act in a way that violates their terms of service, they can cease to provide you with their service. Here are some things that ISPs say they can suspend your service for doing:

  • Send spam or bulk email
  • Send viruses/malware/etc. to other users
  • Engage in illegal activity
  • Transmit content that violates copyright law (basically, pirating)

If one violates a term of their service provider on this forum, it's within the rights of the administrators to tell one's ISP and let them do what they will with that information.



OK, now just one second here, none of those have to do with any of the rules on the forum. I understand and comply with the rules here and as well as my ISP, and i'm not breaking any laws... I aslo feel its a D*ck move to just go crying to someone's ISP for trollers... seems a bit extreme, whatever. 



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