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Mod Idea For A Recon

05 March 2008 - 09:31 PM

Alrighty, well a few days ago I got a brand new Recon. I finally got it out of the box and what a shocker, it sucked. So I figured I should just have fun with it and make something neat. Well all of a sudden a idea came to me to take out the spring setup and to replace it with a pump system. Since I donít think anyone has done this to a Recon yet I thought I should try it.

I was wondering what all of you thought of this idea, or if anyone has done it before.
Any and all comments/criticism will be welcome.

If you guys like it Iíll build it and do a write up, if turns out to be worth anything.

Edit: Also, which pump gun would you suggest that i get some of the internals from such as the balder, valve, and pump?

I Need Help With Nerf Gun Props For A Sci-fi Film.

02 March 2008 - 07:27 PM

Ok, I am on a team of people who are making a small time production Science Fiction movie. It is a movie based of course in the future during a world war, when in a small city, a group of teenagers decide to fight against the enemy forces that have taken over there small town. Its sorta like a re-make of the movie "Red Dawn."

Well since you know a little bit about it, I was wondering what types of Nerf guns would make good props for the weapons used in this movie. Any ideas are welcome and will be greatly appreciated. I am looking to try to have all walks of weapons in this movie from pistols to shotguns and laser rifles, and of course a few different types battle rifles.

Thank You in advance.

Edit: oh, and I forgot to say that these props will be added to my personal nerf collection, so they will not just be torn up. I plan on useing them.