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In Topic: Spano 09 Recap

22 June 2009 - 04:50 PM

I'm making a note here: huge success.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. References.
Anyways that was a fun war but a bit humid for me. I wish I could have stayed longer. Can't wait for the next war and to nerf with out of state people again.

In Topic: Spano 09' The Phantom Menace

19 June 2009 - 01:16 AM

Screw the rules. Anyways I will be playing this time as I don't have any extra people to tend to.

In Topic: Spano 09' The Phantom Menace

18 June 2009 - 10:38 PM

I will be attending for about 4 hours at the beginning.

In Topic: Xbox Live Recreational Community House ---

24 May 2009 - 11:45 PM

Gamer tag - Theba7
Halo 3 - I can help with campaign games too.
Skate 2
Orange box
Feel free to add me and send me a message if you want to play any of these games with me.

In Topic: Mnnnnoooco.... Whatever Its Called

17 May 2009 - 01:30 AM

-Gage coming and then leaving due to lack of darts

It wasn't a lack of darts it was just my friend was cold and didn't really want to play at all.